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What are the 7 top advanced content promotion strategies to use in 2021?

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    What are the 7 top advanced content promotion strategies to use in 2021

    What are the 7 top advanced content promotion strategies to use in 2021?

    Content is an important part of your online business. Be it your website or social media platform, you need to make sure that what you write, should be correct and informative. Additionally, you need to choose the right kind of content promotion method. No doubt, the professionals are pro at it and they understand which advanced strategies will work out the best for your business. There are high chances that using those strategies will bring in more than 7000 visitors to your current post.

    Important Note

    Do you know what is the reason for the failure of content promotion?

    This is because the content promotion tactics are not up to the mark. You need to keep the infographics interesting and it should attract the customers & they should feel amazing to share it with others. Now, let’s dive into the effective strategies

    Advanced Content Promotion Strategies

    Strategy 1: Blogger Outreach (Targeted Approach)

    So, you have published a new piece of content. But, you are confused about what you should do next? This is where you need to take advantage of the blogger outreach. In most cases, it is seen that the traffic increases suddenly just by making a tweet from an influential blogger.

    To get started with this approach, you need to find bloggers who share information on the same topic you write about. After that, you need to reach out to them but make sure not to overdo it. Even I follow the same approach which includes sending a personalized email to the blogger who has shared content on my topic. This way you will know that they are interested in your product or service.

    Once they reach out to you again, you need to share the link of what you have written. You should never ask them to share the link with others, if they find it helpful or right, then will do that on their own.

    Strategy 2: Use the method of link roundups

    Link roundups mean daily, weekly, or monthly blog posts which are linked to the best content. Sometimes, the only purpose is to link the content with the quality content which is already published on the website. These are also known as content roundups. Here’s how you need to get it done:

    • Keyword” + “link roundup”
    • Keyword” + roundup
    • Keyword” + “best of”
    • Keyword” + this week

    After that, you need to make the user get attracted to the content which will automatically help your business.

    Strategy 3: Promote the Email Newsletter

    If you succeed with it, it will do wonders for your business. To reach out to more people, you need to build the email list and make sure your subscribers get to know what new you are doing. You will be surprised to know that sending your subscribers the email with new information can bring them more subscribers. We tried this for your business and it helped us get 7000 clicks. To start building your email list you should take help from professionals.

    Strategy 4: Transform the content

    Just like sometimes we transform ourselves, we need to get the content transformed for better results. What you need to do is, take one of your blog posts and change it into another format like video, podcast, infographics, and ebook. It is possible that when you convert the content into a video the views can reach up to 500K and visitors from different websites. If you have published something years ago, but it is not giving the results then try to change the content format.

    Strategy 5: Try to relaunch the content

    In some cases, the content promotion will work better when you revamp and relaunch it. You need to start by relaunching a post on your social media platform to tell the subscribers what exactly you will be doing. Trust me, when I say this in one day it will increase the website traffic by 10K visitors. What do you need to do?

    You should change the published date of that specific content and this way it will appear on the top. Simply changing the date to the present date and updating will help you get increased traffic. Works like Magic. Isn’t it?

    Strategy 6: Content Carnival

    Just try it once, and it will become your favorite because of the way it works. It is the same as the targeted blogger outreach and you are making efforts to make your content get to the topic, especially in front of those who are interested in it. Although, in this tactic, you won’t be making efforts to look for people who are interested in the content. If you use this, it will bring in more traffic to the website than expected.

    Emil recently published this post on his company blog. Just make sure that your content is BEST in every sense.

    Strategy 7: Reach out to people who mention your brand in the post

    It might be simple, but it will work like wonders. Whether you link to someone or mention someone in the content, you need to tell them. Just make sure that you tell them that you have been featured and they will happily share about you with others.

    Want to know some bonus points?

    Why not? Bonus is also fun and more exciting. Let’s check out some more points.

    Bonus Point 1: Take benefit from ‘Click to Tweet’ Buttons

    It must have happened to you, you clicked an article, liked it, and decided to tweet it. But, you have trouble finding the Tweet Button. Unfortunately, you decide to close the tab and read something else. Make sure that your content is easy to share and for that include, ‘Bottom line: You want to make sharing your content on social media extremely easy and for that ‘Enter: Click To Tweet Buttons’. You need to create the click which makes it easier to tweet links and your content needs to have that. It

    Bonus Point 2: Get your content published on LinkedIn

    You might not know but Linkedin is one of the best places to make your content promoted in the right manner. You may have content or video which is liked and shared by many. But, there are many people out there who have not seen the content and they will benefit from it. So, publish the content again through the LinkedIn article. It is another great way to get targeted traffic to the website.

    Final thought!

    It takes effort to make your content get the elevation it needs, even if you have written the BEST content. You need to spend 20% of your time writing the content and 80% should be done to promote it with different tactics.