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What are the topmost factors which help you to hire a digital marketer in 2021?

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    What are the topmost factors which help you to hire a digital marketer in 2021?

    What is a digital marketer?

    Flymedia Technology, A digital marketer is a person in charge of increasing the online presence of the brand or company. Digital channels help to offer these services in free and paid mode. Increased leads are a great way to promote the brand through different channels like SEO, email marketing, content marketing, and company website. You need to make sure that you hire a digital marketer from the best digital marketing agency in Sydney.

    What are the skills of the best digital marketer?

    • Highly analytical
    • Experienced in writing
    • Understanding about SEO
    • Write great emails
    • Effective communication method

    What are the ways to hire a digital marketer?

    • Understand candidate knowledge through skill test

    Want to shortlist the candidates then you need to start checking their skills. You will notice that the best one is at the top. With the pre-employment testing tool available on the net you can generate a skills test in just 2 clicks as there are over 1500 questions. According to the candidate’s performance, you can sort them out.

    What does the test ask them?

    The test is going to ask them to have an interesting caption for the image present on social media or check the number of questions they answer correctly about the Google ads or SEO. This way you will come across the candidates who are having the knowledge you need for them to do the task correctly.

    • Search about them

    A good marketer is going to publish his or her track record which includes the quotes, posts, and many his or her blog & website. You need to dig deep but it will be worth it. You should start googling their name and then see what you come across. This allows you to get a proper understanding of the past work they have done and how experienced they are to do the job. Searching about the candidate also narrows down the search on whom you need to call for the interview.

    • Understand their social media presence

    Social media is an important part of digital marketing and any reliable digital marketer is going to have a great presence on social media. You should investigate them on different social media sites. Check how active they are, how their posts are attracting the users, what content they post, and how their post is bringing engagement. You should check whom they are connected to and if you find any mutual connection then you should ask them for their feedback.

    • Ask for testimonials

    Past reviews and testimonials can prove a great help to you in understanding how well they have been with their work. You should check what the past candidates have to say about their work or whether the results were what they wanted. In other words, it is a great way to check their performance.

    • Conduct high-value interviews

    Now they have completed the skills test, so it allows you to conduct the interview. You should discuss the test results as it will be more useful and you are going to spend time with him or her. You can ask additional questions and it is a great way to understand what the candidate thinks.