How are the key considerations for the business to stay top of Google Search results?

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    How are the key considerations for the business to stay top of Google Search results?

    How are the key considerations for the business to stay top of Google Search results?

    One of the statistics has shown that less than 3% of the searchers go to the second Google search engine results. If not, then how the business owner should ensure that your business website stays on the top of search engine results. If you are unsure what needs to be done then you should get in touch with the able and skilled team of digital marketing agency Sydney.


    How to rank on the top in Google featured snippets?

    You might not know this but 48% of the search results in no click at all. It is true because more and more searchers are getting the necessary information in the search results through the features or rich snippets. Here’s the breakdown of what the rich snippets are going to look like in the search results or their types:

    • Table
    • Video
    • List
    • Recipes


    How to optimize the rich snippets?

    • Make sure the questions are answered correctly.
    • Prefer bullets and headers
    • Mention the information most simply.
    • You need to be factual.
    • Images should be added
    • Videos are of great help


    How to stay on the top of Google Search with PPC ads?

    SEO main task is to ensure that your website is on the top of search ranking and your web page should shine in front of everyone else. Through PPC, you are paying Google for top search results in the form of ads. Well, this does not mean that by paying cash to Google, you can expect that the business ads are going to be on the top spot. Google ensures that with each query only beneficial and quality content is shown to the end-user. With the advent of PPC, it has been seen that the sales and leads are cost-effective. It has been seen that the search ads help around 75% of the people to find information online.


    How to ensure the website stays on the top with Google SEO?

    The first half of the page is filled with the paid results, but if you want to rank without paying anything then SEO plays an important role. To be specific, it is best to be in the first three organic positions. Well, there are only 55% of the users who will click on the first 3 entities. going to refer it to another person or someone who is the need for it.


    What are the additional strategies to stay on top of the search engine?

    The three main strategies include local listings, organic listings, and paid listings. Some of the additional options are:

    • Microsites
    • Videos
    • Social sites
    • Images
    • Google product listing ads
    • News