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How Businesses Use AI in Digital Marketing

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    How Businesses Use AI in Digital Marketing

    Artificial Intelligence is playing a vital role in almost every industry. AI consists of numerous capabilities like making predictions, solving problems, answering complex questions, automating work seamlessly, providing suggestions, and much more. Due to these abilities, it is highly preferred by industries to implement AI. One such industry is Digital Marketing. Digital marketing agency in Sydney use AI as it helps improve the results drastically, thereby attaining digital marketing goals.

    Businesses use AI in digital marketing to interact with potential users, forecast the market, make predictions, analyse data and derive meaningful insights, etc., this tremendously boosts marketing. It is estimated that by 2028, the value of AI in marketing will escalate drastically to 107.5 billion or more. 

    How to Use AI in Digital Marketing?

    Digital Marketing is the need of the hour today. With the advancement in technology, every business understands the meaning and significance of online presence. But will just having an online presence be sufficient? Of course not! Marketing your business online is challenging but using digital marketing tools can make it easier for you to stand out from the competition. Hence, digital marketing agency Sydney helps make this  process easier ensuring high returns.

    AI is used in Digital Marketing for the following:

    • Deriving Meaningful Insights – AI offers various tools for the analysis and monitoring of business, these tools work on intricate built-in algorithms. The algorithm scans, monitors and analyses the data consistently to gain meaningful insights. These tasks are automated and ensure accurate results.
      With the help of this gathered insightful data, informed decisions can be taken promptly thereby eliminating challenges and shortcomings. 
    • Improving Customer Experience – Customer satisfaction is highly essential in every business. AI is proving to be immensely beneficial for this task. Its algorithms gather data and provide the clients with a more personalised service approach.
      Different methods are used for this such as analysing the user’s navigation on the internet and understanding what kind of services or products they are looking for. Based on this information, suggestions and recommendations are given to the user that is relevant to them and matches their interest. 

    Besides this, chatbots are also being used to answer clients’ queries. These are software tools that help in giving more specified and narrowed answers for distinct customers’ queries thereby saving time for both the business and the client. For these reasons, SEO agency Sydney effectively uses AI in digital marketing.

    • Boost SEO and Sales – SEO is one of the most essential factors in digital marketing. You can’t achieve results by just being on the internet, multiple actions are required to ensure that the voice of your brand reaches your target audience. In order to achieve this result, AI SEO tools can be of great help.
      These tools will help you research relevant keywords, analyze the market trend, track the success of your SEO campaigns, improve link building strategy, and many more. Besides this, it will also help you in working on the areas that require more attention such as bounce rate, broken links or a particular page of the website. SEO agency Sydney uses AI, to boost your SEO and thereby improve your ranking.
    • Higher Return On Investment (ROI) – In any business, emphasis is laid on less investment and higher returns. AI makes this possible. The tools provided by AI come with both free and paid versions, where most advanced features can be used by subscribing to the paid version. The cost you have to incur is quite reasonable but the returns are usually higher. 


    As AI is leading the majority of industries, it has proved to be immensely useful, especially in digital marketing. Hence, many companies use  artificial intelligence in digital marketing. By partnering with digital marketing agency Sydney multiple business goals can be achieved thereby ensuring business growth.