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How many keywords are possible to rank for with one page?

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    How many keywords are possible to rank for with one page

    How many keywords are possible to rank for with one page?

    If you are monitoring the traffic from Google, then it is not about the single page which can rank for the number of relevant keywords. To better understand the situation, you need to get assistance from the experienced team of Digital Marketing Company. One such name which is shining in the world of web development and social media marketing is Flymedia Technology.

    For many keywords, the top 20 ranking pages rank for
    Here we are discussing how many ranks in the top 10. In case, you are not present in the top 10 search results for the specific keyword then you will not get the traffic you are looking for. It is important to understand the lower-ranking pages have fewer ranking keywords.

    What is the total count for high-volume ranking keywords?
    It wouldn’t be surprising if you say that you get the ranking for 1000s of long-tail keywords and that too for one single page. But, here we are talking about the high-volume keywords.
    One of the studies has been done for the pages which got the No 1 ranking for keyword count of 10K. It is seen that the most number of URLs have got the highest ranking for just one high-volume keyword. It is important to understand that the ranking for the 10K+ for one keyword is extremely rare to find.

    How to rank for more keywords for one page?
    Now, here comes the important part. You need to choose the right topic which the user is searching for. Indeed! Certain topics have extremely high search demand as compared to other search queries. On the other hand, many topics do not provide you with the right type of keyword searches. So, make sure that you choose the topic wisely.

    Do some research on the traffic potential
    While you plan for the content it is not only about focusing on the search volume for the primary keyword which you want to target upon. Your focus should be on getting the pages with a higher ranking for the specific keyword. This way, you can compare how much traffic they are bringing on their website with the specific keyword. No doubt the database keyword can be extremely large but doing so will help you understand better how other pages are ranking better.

    Will the content length make any difference?
    We have done the study on the content length and an average number of keywords with the one which has the No. 1 ranking. It is seen that the longer content gets the ranking for more keywords. This makes sense. So, having longer content but written on the right topic will automatically make a lot of difference.

    Final word
    It is all about choosing the right option and how it can be beneficial for your website. If you want to up flank your business website and have the best online marketing strategy then get in touch with our team to get all the necessary information.