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What is a page experience report? How to simplify the page experience report?

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    What is a page experience report? How to simplify the page experience report?

    What is Page Experience?

    Page Experience is checked through Per-URL. At present, this is only done for mobile browsers. In simple terms, the necessary evaluation will be done for the users of mobile devices and the search results from the mobile devices are affected. The report and assessment are done to help the sites in creating the pages for giving their visitors the best user experience. No doubt, we see something different every time which is done so that everyone involved in the online world can be benefited.

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    Page Experience Report

    The page experience report in Search Console was launched this year at the start. This was for the site owners and publishers to let them understand how the site fare against the page experience signals. There is one more improved version in which there is the removal of the Safe Browsing and Ad Experience Widgets and taking the necessary measures to fix the missing data part. Let’s understand this in detail

    Taking out the Safe Browsing and Ad Experience Widget

    • You must be thinking, ‘What is the need for Safe browsing?’ This is designed by Google to keep users safe in the online world. In some cases, there is the problem of 3rd-party hijacking due to which the warning message is surfaced on the user screen.

    It is also a fact that these problems are not in control with the website owners and this is the reason it is not always used for the ranking signal and you won’t be able to see it in the Page Experience Report.

    • Another thing is the Ad Experience Widget which does not let the similar information on 2 parts of Search Console. So, now this widget will work as a standalone tool and it will only aim to check the site status and look for the ad experiences which will affect the Ads Standards. It is also important to understand this part was not to be used for the page experience so this is not going to make any change in the user experience for the website status.

    Additional improvements made on the report

    Apart from the above-mentioned updates, we are giving importance to the improvements on ‘How the reports handle the data which is missed?’

    • Addition of the ‘No Recent Data’ banner for the Page EXperience Report and Core Web Vitals Report.

    • Addressing the bug which led to ‘Failing HTTPS’. This happened when the Core Web Vitals were not present.

    • Writing the empty state text section present in the Core Web Vitals and Page Experience Report.