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What are the similarities and differences between b/w WordPress & Drupal?

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    wordpress vs drupal

    What are the similarities and differences between b/w WordPress & Drupal?

    All of us love the functioning and the simplicity of both Drupal and WordPress, but we often get confused about which will be the best tool, when a particular job is to be done – say the experts of the Digital Marketing Company.

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    No matter, whether it is 2021 or it will be 2031, WordPress will continue to emerge as one of the leading software for providing the best admin user experience.

    • Beats Drupal

    WordPress beats Drupal 3/10 in the context of the ready-made themes. The themes do not let you get concerned about the cost and the timeline barriers.

    • Ease of Use

    People are fascinated to use this considering the ease of use. It is the first choice of the marketeers and less technical developers.

    • E-commerce solution

    Building e-commerce websites is emerging as a huge challenge in today’s world. But with WordPress, you can surely expect the convenience of building it.


    When comparing Drupal with WordPress, we can surely conclude that it is the leading CMS platform in 2021 for managing the most complex projects even at the enterprise level.

    • You can screw it up easily

    Although Drupal handles the most complex projects, it is super simple to use if we consider the beginner’s level.

    At a professional level, it demands the most tactical and skilful way to get handled.


    Both of these offers – Plugins

    No doubt, both WordPress and drupal do have so many plugins. But yes! The new version of WordPress wins the battle when we are talking about the availability and the variety of the plugins.

    Is It Possible To Use Both The Software At The Same Time?

    When we are referring to giant enterprises, both of the CMS are used and there is no such requirement to choose between the two.

    For example, There are so many colleges and universities that use both of these.

    What Can You Expect Both Platforms To Provide You?

    • There are certain common things in the two software like the following:

    • The developers can convert the platforms as both of these are written in PHP.

    • The developers get a lot of their work done with the choice of the templates as these platforms provide really good variety and quality of the templates

    • You can get the facility of sharing the design with the pattern libraries

    Final Comments!

    When we are talking about WordPress and Drupal, then we are referring to the ocean-giant knowledge which we can surely not make fit in one blog. To keep getting aware of the facts concerning the trending CMS platforms, please stay tuned with our blogs.