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The Best Free Marketing Research Tools For Digital Marketing

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    Free Marketing Research Tools

    The Best Free Marketing Research Tools For Digital Marketing

    Benefits Of Leveraging Marketing Research

    There are specific reasons why the global revenue of the market research industry has doubled since 2008, and it has many benefits. Anyone who wants to improve the product or launch a new marketing campaign needs to add to their business, as without it, they will be at a significant disadvantage. Digital Marketing Company in Sydney can help you distinguish the right way and technique for your business and its brand marketing.

    With the help of market research, they will target the audience at the center of each and every decision. This will help you understand the needs and desires of the audience. After that, you can also alter everything from your marketing to the product based on the preference of the customer. This procedure is efficient in reducing the number of bad customer experiences and enhancing your business. With SEO Agency Sydney, you can take your brand value to a whole new level and build better competition in the market. 

    Best Free Marketing Research Tools

    Google trends

    With the help of a google trend, it will be easy for you to see what people are searching on google. They introduced this tool in 2006 which basically tracks the trendy topics over time by location. For example, you can easily check how popular searches are for Taylor swift in the U.S this year.

    Every second almost google processes 102,00 searches. That is around 88 billion searches nearly every day. This makes it one of the largest and most valuable search data sources in existence. Google trend is highly appreciated in giving access to the data in an aggregated and categorized way.

    By entering into the trend, Google will assist you in showing you how trendy that term is with a line graph. Apart from that, they will also give you a score out of 100. It is also beneficial for comparing different terms. 

    Pros Of Google Trends

    1. It is easy to use
    2. It is visually appealing
    3. It has a high amount of data 

    Cons Of Google Trends

    1. It does not show the exact same search volume.
    2. The related topics that you search are not always relevant. 

    Price Of Google Trends

    They are free of cost.

    Facebook page insights

    It is one of the fantastic pages that offer free market research if you are using Facebook as a platform to market your business. And if you are not using Facebook for marketing strategies by SEO Consultant Sydney, then you should. With over 2.9 billion monthly active users, it has become one of the best social media platforms in recent times.

    With this tool, you will get insights into your audience, the health of the page, and the post-performance.

    Pros of Facebook page insight

    1. It shows unparalleled insights into your Facebook audience
    2. It is very easy to use
    3. Their courses are available 

    Cons of Facebook page insights

    1. It is only applicable to Facebook pages
    2. As it is not as comprehensive as it was once 

    Price Of Facebook Page Insights

    It is free of cost.