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The topmost SEO tips which can make your website design rank high

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    The topmost SEO tips which can make your website design rank high

    To stand apart in the league of the websites, you need to count on an effective SEO website designing in sydney. This kind of strategy makes sure that your website is reaching the users wherever they are looking for the services which you are providing. So this blog is going to include all the things which are necessary for an SEO friendly website to include: 

    Image optimization 

    Graphic quality is something that tempts the users to navigate through the website to see what more you have to show. Aarp from that, the high-quality graphics keeps the attention of the users gripped to your websites and thus the bounce rate gets reduced. 

    When we are talking about website designing, then graphics play a crucial role in conveying the required feel to your visitors. 


    Be very sure to use all of the following when you are using the alt image texts: 


    • Header Images 
    • Button Images 
    • Logo

    If the graphics of your website are taking too long to get loaded, then google will not deem your site as useful to the users as it is not contributing to solving the problems of the users. 

    SE friendly search engine navigation 

    Some developers are still making use of flash to make their website object clearwater friendly and easily accessible. But SE does not find those websites useful as it takes a great deal of time to crawl such websites. So its alternatives have come into existence which is known as the following: 

    • Javascript 
    • HTML5 
    • CSS3

    Useful advice 

    Keep in mind to perfectly structure your website which may include the links, paragraphs and sentences. Such websites do have high chances of getting ranked high since it is easy for Google to crawl the website and weigh the structure and other aspects. 

    Responsive web designs 

    The use of the PCs, Laptops etc have only got limited with the IT employees. Otherwise, the people have all the facilities and functions in their mobiles to access a particular website or to take information from a specific source. So in that regard, it is to make sure that the design of the website should be mobile responsive. 

    By being responsive we mean, 

    The SEO responsive websites are having the same URL for both the desktop and the mobile version of the websites. 

    Creation of the sitemaps 

    Nowadays no one uses conventional sitemaps, rather XML sitemaps are used. 

    The web developers have recognized the benefits of making sitemaps because of the following benefits: 

    • Visibility benefits 
    • Straightforward navigation 

    Crawling friendly URLs 

    Google algorithms usually do not consider ranking those websites whose URLs are hard to crawl. Following are the features of the friendly URLs: 

    These indicate the exact location and do not misdirect the people

    These should not be too long. Rather short and simple URLs are something that Google relies on.  

    Use of the relevant keywords 

    Make sure you are using the relevant keywords in your content. The embedding of the keywords should not be forceful otherwise Google is smart enough to know which website has relevant, unique and original content and which not. 

    A piece of advice 

    To look for the keywords which your clients are finding, you can take the help of Google Adwords. 

    Updated information 

    The blog posts which you are publishing should contain relevant information. 

    You can consider revising your blog posts after every 6 months. It will help the user to get satisfied with the relevant information. Otherwise, the user will get infuriated with the relevant information and may decide never to visit your website again.