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What all you should know about the history and evolution of digital marketing?

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    What all you should know about the history and evolution of digital marketing?

    What all you should know about the history and evolution of digital marketing?

    History and Evolution of Digital Marketing

    With the increased demand for experienced Digital Marketing Consultants in Sydney, it is important to understand how it evolved with time. If you are looking for the best company for digital marketing Sydney, then make sure that you research and then make the final choice. Let’s dive into the history of digital marketing.

    Do you know when was the first time the ‘Digital marketing’ term was used?


    With the entry of the internet, the digital age changed and for the better. This was the time when the web 1.0 platform was found, but the user did not have the leverage to share information over the web. Till this time, the marketers were not aware of the importance of digital platforms. They were in dilemma whether the strategies will prove beneficial for them or not.

    Do you know when the first clickable banner was made?


    At this point, a first-clickable banner was made and after that hotwired purchased a few banner ads to advertise the services. From here, the work of digital marketing saw a huge change.

    Do you know when Yahoo was launched?


    Along with Yahoo, different technologies came into the digital world. You might not know but in the first year of its launch, Yahoo users were 1 million. This has given a new wave to the world of digital marketing. The website owners understood they need to have their website on the top of the search engine to gain increased benefits/

    Do you know when smaller search engines came into existence?

    1996 – HotBot, LookSmart, and Alexa

    Do you know when Google was born?


    Yahoo let people become familiar with Yahoo web search and MSN search engine launched by Microsoft. After 2 years, the smaller search engine impact started reducing or they completely vanished.

    Do you know when youtube was launched?

    In 2005, youtube was launched.

    Do you know when digital marketing saw a rise?


    This was the year when search engine traffic saw the boost which was not expected or seen before. In a single month, web traffic was reported to rise by 6.4 billion.

    Beginning of web 2.0

    Web 2.0 helps the business and user to interact with each other and this resulted in different benefits. The information flowed from one channel to another with ease. At that point, digital marketing and advertising were increased by $2.9 billion.

    Important milestone in Internet marketing

    Internet marketing was changed with cookies. As it allows to track the user browsing habits or what type of pattern they use. As it allowed us to tailor the marketing solutions and promotions were made with much ease.

    What was the purpose of the first cookie?

    The first cookie helped to record the user habits and gradually changes were made to collect user data.

    Digital marketing is what your business needs

    Depending on the current scenario, you need internet marketing to reach out to the general public. Whether you are a healthcare professional, interior designer, have an e-commerce website, or any other business, through online marketing you can promote your services on a wider scale. Want to make a difference in your business growth, we are to help you with effective solutions!