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What are the pros and cons of the custom-built and template-based website?

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    Custom Build Website V/S Template-based website

    What are the pros and cons of the custom-built and template-based website?

    Are you thinking of a new website for your business? Then the question which may be running in your mind is whether you should be opting up for a template or a custom build website. According to the experts of the website designing company in Sydney, “Many people are confused with this point and they don’t know the solution to this.” All the important aspects like website development, graphical elements and content play a major role in deciding which option should be opted up for. 

    Let’s begin with the templates 

    The beginners tend to commence with the designing work by setting the WordPress up and the application of the templates which can be bought from any of the following: 

    • Theme Forest 
    • Template Monster 
    • Elegant themes 

    Burst the myth 

    There is a very popular myth according to which the themes are only being offered by WordPress. But it is not that so. Since the following are also there which provides a variety of themes and along with that it allows you easy editing. 

    Keep this in mind 

    The themes and the templates are offered in the variegated website designing software as these come in the built-in features. This is offered to allow the user with more and more customisation features. But you should never forget about the page load speed and the SEO.

    What are the pros and cons of using the templates? 


    • You can get the website built at a reduced cost 
    • A little time is required for the development
    • A strong support system is provided by the templates


    • In the wake of using the templates, you may lose the uniqueness. 
    • Customisation of the site will get limited to a particular extent. 
    • It may not show up well on all the devices. 
    • What if the template would not be search engine friendly? 

    So let’s talk about custom-built websites 

    Custom built websites take each minute detail into account from the audience which is to be targeted to the functioning of the websites. The custom-built websites are usually unique as they do not get copied from any template offering software. 

    What are the pros and cons of using the custom built websites? 


    • As we know that whichever website is being made, has to be optimized as per the SEO techniques. So the custom website allows the user to take all the SEO related things in mind. That will ensure that no problem regarding high ranking will be encountered in the future. 
    • Individual needs can be thoroughly taken care of. 
    • The website is completely fit as per the needs of the company. 
    • The site can work on all the devices and all the browsers. 
    • The ultimate look of the website will be search engine friendly. 


    • These take much longer to get completed as compared to the template websites. But that is obvious since everything is to be commenced from scratch. 

    Bottom Line 

    After you have understood the differences between the custom-built website and the template, now you can yourself choose which kind of website will suit your needs and preferences.