What are the topmost ways of protecting the site from Google penalties?

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    What are the topmost ways of protecting the site from Google penalties?

    It would be unfathomable and puzzling when you open the Google Analytics dashboard and find that the website traffic is flatlined or static. It is not a pleasant sight to notice and if it happens then the search engine has put a penalty.

    Hearing the term ‘Google penalty’ can scare anyone and everyone. If you think that it happens only when the Google algorithm is modified then you are wrong. Well, what’s the reason behind the Google penalty? If you want to ensure that your business is not doing anything wrong, then you should get in touch with the professionals from the digital marketing agency Sydney. Business who does spam practices are going to be targeted which includes:

    ●     Below average content quality

    ●     Buying link to increase the link profile

    ●     Scraping content

    ●     Stuffing keywords

    Well, not just the spammy practices but there are other reasons which can result in Google penalty like not monitoring the backlinks.


    What are the ways to protect the site from Google penalty?

    ●     Keep a close watch over your link profile

    Google considers the following exchange practices as spammy which includes:

    ●     Link Exchanges

    ●     Buying and selling links

    ●     Article Submissions

    ●     Spam comment posting

    Google bots are going to identify it easily. If your website is found to be doing black hat link practices then you are going to get the penalty.

    Link building is an important part to build the site authority and it is going to improve the SEO traffic. Focus on creating effective and relevant content that others sit would love to backlink.


    Fight negative SEO

    The search engine optimization efforts you are putting in will be affected by the competitors and you may get a penalty for doing negative SEO on the website. If your website has spammy links then your website comes in the category of low-quality. Your search engine ranking will decline and you will get a penalty.


    Provide useful and unique content

    Google considers the following content in the category of poor:

    ●     Content coming from other sources

    ●     Doorway pages

    ●     Automatically generated content

    ●     Thin affiliate pages

    If your website is found to be in any of these categories then your business will get the penalty.


    Do not target certain anchor texts

    Anchor texts are used to link the website. With the black hat SEO, the target-specific keywords are affected. To solve the issue of anchor text spamming, Google checks the fishy instances of anchor text hyper-targeting.

    For using the anchor texts around 17% of them should be the brand terms. SEO is the main ingredient so you must go with the branded anchor texts.

    Everything in moderation is important and if you try to go overboard then Google considers it fishy.


    Remove user-generated SPAM

    No doubt, user-generated content is considered relevant. In some instances, the same things can be considered as spam activity.

    The user-generated spam is found on the forum pages, profiles, or guestbook pages. To help your website to be protected from a penalty, it is better that you use the no-follow tag.