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What Is Brand Identity And Why Is Brand Consistency Necessary?

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    Branding in Digital marketing

    What Is Brand Identity And Why Is Brand Consistency Necessary?

    Branding And Its Importance In Digital Marketing

    One of the things that many business owners and entrepreneurs do not think about much is branding. In most situations, this falls under the criteria of nice to have a thing, but it will do just fine without it, according to them. However, the reality is far from this truth. The business person does not take adequate time to think about this aspect which is very unfortunate.

    Most customers often make buying decisions based on the company’s branding. And if the company does not have one, then the buying perspective reduces more than ever. In this competitive market, visiting a Digital Marketing Company in Sydney for branding is necessary.

    As a small-scale business, you might think that branding is something only big corporations do, but it is not valid. It does not matter whether you are a national or international company. If you want to plumber higher in the market, you would require help to get there. Adwords agency Sydney is that help that you might be searching for forever.

    What Is Brand Identity?

    Now that we have understood the importance of branding. Let us focus on brand identity and how you can make one in the market. A brand identity is a collection of many components of a brand that will significantly highlight your company’s ideology. Some of those elements include:

    1. Logo

    2. Company name

    3. Color palette

    4. Tagline

    5. Typography

    Because of these components, the audience will be able to find your company and brand online and offline. The more consistent you are with your brand identity, the more recognizable your brand will become for new clients and customers.

    A style guide is the best way to ensure that you and all the team members of your company are consistent with the brand identity.

    What Is A Style Guide And How To Create One?

    A style guide basically refers to the standards of copy, visuals, and formatting for everything your brand is related to.

    You should definitely begin with the value statement and mission when you are creating your style guide. This offers you a north star with the other component either deriving or supporting from these statements.

    These are some of the things that your style guide might include:

    1. Logo variations of the brands and how they should or should not use them.

    2. It also consists of the rules and regulations for using the color and logo across different channels.

    3. It has typography choices.

    4. There are also recommendations for voice and tone.

    5. You will also get editorial standards, such as certain phrases that you should use or not.

    Why Does Brand Consistency Matter?

    The first thing you should know is that the customer is not thinking about you, your brand, or your products when they want to buy something.

    You might have heard that most people do not even recognize the brand, let alone register it until they see it at least 7 to 9 times minimum. Hence you should make sure to stay consistent with your brand identity and not change quite so often.

    Final Comments

    Contact Fly Media Technology and build a brand for your company. We have a team of skilled professionals who will help you market your business.