10 Jaw-dropping Web Design Trends to Rule in 2018

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    10 Jaw-dropping Web Design Trends to Rule in 2018

    Here are the digital #web design trends for inspiring and eye-catching websites this year

    Creativity matters at every point and as you may wonder what contemporary technology can be adapted for innovative, unique, clear, and user-friendly websites, it is better to know what kind of websites trend in this new year.

    As a leading web designing company in India, we unwrap 2018’s notable website trends suitable for mobile and desktop functionality. Here we go!

    1. Broken Grid Layouts

    The grid layouts have for long been a backbone for logical and interesting layouts, but in 2017, a few changes were depicted. Through the conventional grid layouts, designers have invented new techniques to present unique content and as well create aesthetic websites. Currently, the new move is to push the boundaries of grids by altering up the grid layout as you scroll through the page or shattering it in some cases by having the text overlay an image at specific points

    2. Animations & attractive interactions

    Animation has made website designing and developing dynamic in nature evolving the once static approaches. This is all through CSS3 and jQuery, but in the last year, website designers have found strategies of incorporating more animated features into the websites. Animation in website designing will require incorporating features that are attractive without causing commotion

    3. No OR Less Pop-Ups & Interstitials

    The latest Google Algorithm is quite tough on some websites, meaning that their designers and developers will require new designing approaches when it comes to their pop-ups and interstitials. Meaning that these will not be witnessed like in the past years

    4. Sharp Gradients

    Sharp gradients are taking over the web designing field to enable the addition of some visual interest to gradients beyond just as a gradual change in color. The new gradient changes will enable make website more attractive and interesting when fine texture is adopted

    5. Diagonal Section Breaks

    Currently, web designers are playing around with how horizontal a section break or a line break has to appear by putting it on the edge, literally. By using a sharp diagonal to separate the sections of a website helps to add visual interest and unique website layouts that can enable its separation from other websites that still utilize the actual horizontal break of circa 2014.

    6. Bold and Bright Color Schemes

    Much as developing the required color schemes is difficult, many color schemes are predicted to take a course this year. Attractive websites this year will have a rare combination of color schemes that are generally amazing

    7. Serifs

    They are taking over again since they help add personality and authenticity and also create a timeless appearance. Now, typefaces are brightening up while serifs return to their characters

    8. Split Screen Design on Desktop

    This 2018 trend is quite sophisticated and alluring in nature. The split screen design requires either one or two images that display on the entire screen and split vertically down the center of the page.

    9. Interactive Storytelling

    Well, as website designers struggle to find every possible way to deliver unique projects, the adoption of storytelling, animation, and the use of videos has just began. In these websites, graphics are expected to change as one keeps on reading the content or watching the video.

    10. Round Corners

    Website designs with round corners never get outdated and this year, we shall probably witness them around. These will prevail on desktops and mobiles since the flat designs are still in place