Fresher Computer Jobs in Ludhiana

Fresher Computer Jobs in Ludhiana, Computer Operator Jobs in Punjab, Do you want to give your career an instant start and make it future secure? Hands down, the Computer application is the favourable choice for those who wish to be a part of the IT world. If you have a sharp mind, the ability to analyze the situation, and apply the best possible solutions, then you tick all the boxes to become the next IT professional.
Computer application education will include an understanding of computer basics and programming concepts like mastering programming language & learning. In India, the demand for IT professionals is at the peak which opens up the door of success for the individuals. Even the demand for Computer jobs in Ludhiana has seen a hike in the last few years.

Computer Operator Jobs in Punjab

What are the possible options in Computer Application and IT?

Job OptionsDescription
Computer ProgrammersComputer programmers can write programs in different languages like C++, Java, and many other advanced programming languages. They can:
  • Improve and expand the existing program
  • Make use of CASE tools (Computer-assisted software engineering)
  • Debug program by testing and fixing errors
  • Make writing easy through code libraries.
Software DevelopersSoftware developers take into account the software development process facets which includes
  • Coding
  • Design
  • Project management
  • Computer programming
Web DesignerWebsite designers have the responsibility to develop and create websites. As per the client’s needs, they create the required product.
Database AdministratorDBA has the responsibility to carry out:
  • Designing
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance
  • Repair of Organization database
They are also known as ‘Database programmers or database coordinators’.
Web/Multimedia ProgrammerThey have the responsibility to carry out different features like:
  • Sound
  • Graphics
  • Digital Photography
  • Text
  • Animation
  • Video
Creativity and technical skills are of utmost importance in this job profession.
Technical WriterThe technical writer has an understanding of technology and writing skills. They should understand how to write:
  • Product description
  • Design Specifications
  • User manuals
  • Project plans
  • Papers
Software ConsultantThey have the eye to check the client business and what software solution will make their business escalate.
System AnalystBeing a system analyst they have the responsibility to check the problem and then plan the solution for the system.

How to Pursue a Career in Computer Application and IT?

StreamGraduationAfter GraduationAfter Post Graduation
Path 1Clear Class XII with Any Stream with Maths (Computer Science is recommended)Pursue BCA/ BSc Computer Science for 3 yearsPursue MCA for 2-3 years
Path 2Clear Class XII in Science Stream with IT/Computer Science/ SimilarPursue B.Tech in Computer Science for 4 yearsPursue M.Tech for 2 Years

What is the work description?

  • Design and development of websites along with mobile applications.
  • Produce computer applications, network control systems, design software, and computer games.
  • Produce software & utility programs, computer applications as per the client’s needs.
  • Bring in innovative and effective IT solutions to help the business drive efficiency and increased profits.
  • Plan to make the best high-level decision in regards to the design and architecture of IT services and products.
  • Working with the software developers and engineers to bring out the best design solutions.
  • By considering the business requirements, coming up with the most reliable yet effective solutions.
  • Checking the client business, so that the best software solution is developed helps the business get increased success.

How is it beneficial to make your career in computer application and IT?

Well! The job options are endless. As per your liking or skills you can choose the profession in which you fit in the most. Some of the major benefits are:

  • Increased demand for computer professionals
  • Growth and learning-oriented field
  • High paying potential

So, if you are looking to make your future secure, then get started with Flymedia Technology. Get in touch with us for further information.