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North India’s best Digital Marketing Company in Ludhiana, Punjab: Award winning Flymedia Technology captures the right combination of digital marketing skills to be the best SMO social media marketing company in Ludhiana. We possess the result-driven mechanism for brands to cultivate the maximum conversions via specific social media marketing strategies.

When it comes to promoting brands online, social media channels erupt as one of the best online marketing tools. Accordingly, Flymedia Technology utilizes the trending authorities for your business to create connections, and increase sales and website traffic.

Social Media Networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube (Video content to be provided by client)
Minimum Contract DurationNo Minimum Contract PeriodNo Minimum Contract PeriodNo Minimum Contract PeriodNo Minimum Contract Period
Account Creation (If Needed)
Time-Optimized Updates30/Month30/Month/Per Channel40/Month/Per Channel60/Month/Per Channel
Custom Facebook Tabs (If needed)
Custom Cover Photos (Includes all channels signed up for)
Event & Group Creation
Profile Reservation
Dedicated Account Representative
Marketing Strategy
Planning/Strategy Meetings1 Meeting/Month2 Meetings/Month3 Meetings/MonthAs Needed
Content Calendar and Layout
Workflow Development & Escalation Processes
New Likes per month50**100** (FB Only)200** (FB Only)500** (FB Only)
Keyword Monitoring
Brand Mentions & Monitoring
Monthly Analytics & Metrics Report
Keyword Monitoring
**Followers cannot be guaranteed without any paid activity
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Digital Marketing Cost in Ludhiana | Smo Service Punjab

Be it any business, promotion is the most vital aspect for any business. Previously the promotion medium was radio, newspaper or TV, but, now with the internet all this has changed as other ways of promotion via internet have arrived.

One of the latest promotion method is social media marketing. Today all are familiar with social sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Likewise each site has its own benefits. Facebook gives you a complete page to showcase your product or service, along with the ability of showing images and sharing updates. On the other hand Twitter allows you to share short messages with your clientele.

Now if you are wondering what or how can you promote on these social media sites, well here is the answer:

Best CMS For Website Designing


  • Facebook- You can setup your business page and promote the content of your website on your facebook wall. You can send regular updates and allow customers to send you comments and likes so you can evaluate your website better.
  • Twitter- On Twitter you can write small tweets about your website, like what it offers or some special offer.
  • YouTube- Uplaod your own YouTube channel and regularly post videos about your website encouraging customers to review the videos and give comments.
  • Linkedln- Create a Linkedln page and post your website URLs. Update regularly with your service or products reviews, books or articles you read that can be helpful.
  • Digital Marketing: Promoting your business via electronic media through Digital Marketing Company in India. Gone are the day’s when digital market meant TV or radio alone. Now internet is becoming the next digital medium in which social sites play a significant role.
  • Facebook- Sophisticated content attracts more traffic. If you have a strong content say on a blog you can post it on your Facebook page.
  • Twitter: Thanks to the new powerful Twitter search engine every tweet you have posted will be available. Even images, links and hashtags show up in the twitter engine results.
  • Web Marketing: Web marketing or internet marketing is the use of internet as a medium for promotion. Online marketing is less expensive compared to other mediums of marketing.
    • Facebook is ideal to put your ad on.
    • Combine all the social media sites to get maximum results.
  • Email Marketing: Email marketing is a direct marketing medium. It allows you to send mail to current and potential clients. You can add social icons to your emails.
    • Icons: Add social site icons so customers can connect with you.
    • Request: Request openly to customer’s to reply via social sites.
    • Innovate: Innovate by telling why is it better to link with social media sites.


As we all know, not all websites are similar. Some are different by category and others different by type. So it is quintessentially essential to make your website distinctive in its category otherwise the user will not find any reason to stay on the web pages and website when he has similar options who are ranking higher than you. So the presentation is highly carried out by incorporating the relevant extensions and add on that would help the user to find something worthy on your website.
Digital marketing includes marketing to people by using Internet-based devices like mobile phones, computers, and smartphones. Digital marketing focuses on different areas like email, social media, search engines, apps, and websites to connect with customers.
Digital marketing includes many specialists who work with brands to develop an effective strategy or implement programs. If you are not aware of digital marketing, then our digital marketing company will give you the proper knowledge you are looking for.
Digital Marketing is going to help your business to have an effective strategy. Adding this strategy to your business will help to increase the customer base and your business will do better in the long run.

The main goal of digital marketing is to create leads. Following a brand-centric approach will increase interest in the company and you can have more customers. Sometimes, when we do things on our own we can start and stop. It is essential to have a steady flow of content so that your business is benefited in every manner.


All over the world, mobile is the most common technology. Most of us spend our time scrolling through the website on our mobile phone. Mobile marketing’s main focus is on using mobile strategies like mobile applications, messaging, and mobile websites. Mobile marketing is vital for every business.
Websites with no regular updates and new content cannot perform the best. The website which is technically updated regularly will do better and it will help their business to grow.
Digital marketing is a mix of Email, search, social media, and other elements. The blog is the most useful part of the marketing strategy and the best part is that you will have full control over it.
Well, there is no specific answer to this question. But, you need to create the content which is helpful and relevant for the customers. The best websites will include blogs, articles, eBooks, articles, videos, courses, newsletters, visuals, microsites, and infographics. By talking to our team you can get all the reliable information to do what is best for your business.

Choosing great headlines is a great way for people to watch, read, or listen to the content. With time, you need to do better and build your website. Your main motive is to not make the people read the content but they need to subscribe to it.


Search Engine Optimization is the method of using offsite and onsite tactics to make your content present on search engines. Taking the help of the experts will help you to do it in a better way and increase the quantity & quality of the traffic.

Most of the website traffic comes through search and people who come to your website through search will benefit you a lot.

Keywords are the phrases and searches which are involved with search engines. With keywords, it becomes easy to find relevant pages, videos, images, and any other essential information. Our SEO professionals will choose the best keywords for your website and it will help to optimize the search user is looking for.



Well, this is the question which Google is not going to answer for you. The search engine ranking is based on relevance and the authoritative level. One of the best ways to have the highest search engine ranking is by creating web pages with a specific topic or keyword. 



PPC is known as Pay-per-click which is one of the ways to increase website traffic. Every time the ad is clicked, the advertisers will pay you something. One of the best forms of PPC is search engine advertising. You can also choose Facebook which also provides the PPC ad models.



Sponsored content is a modern way to publish the content on behalf of the sponsor. Take the help of the publishers you are aware of the latest tactics of designing and writing the content for microsites, articles, videos, and infographics.



The buyer persona is the ideal way of customer representation based on data and market research. It includes the motivations, goals, behavior patterns, and demographics. By doing research you will get to know about what interests the buyer, about his attitude, and criteria that help them to make the buying decision.



Person branding makes it easy to use offline and online tactics whether they are based individually or professionally. Digital media has helped to emphasize personal branding for all the purchase and hiring decisions



The lead magnet is a free offer that is done in exchange for the email address. The main aim is to join the email list and give them something relevant. Some of the examples include report, guide, ebook, assessment, template, webinar, coupon, course, or cheat sheet.



Marketing Automation manages campaigns and marketing processes through multiple channels. With this software, it leads to lead nurturing, lead scoring, segmentation, lead generation, or measurement processes. With marketing automation, you get to know about the audience and create the best content for the website as well as take the actions according to customer needs.



The audience you have is extremely active and they are present on different social media sites. Understanding, the power of social media is extremely essential, and then giving your commitment towards it is needed. This will help you increase traffic, build loyalty, and drive sales. 

Take the help of our team and they will help you choose the best marketing tactics which help your business to do best.

Role of Social Media Platforms in Digital Marketing Campaigns

Social media platforms are concretely getting popularity throughout the globe. This unlocks the ways for businesses to approach their target audience more realistically. Here is the role of Social Media Marketing starts.

The term ‘Social Media’ collectively refers to a bunch of various mediums. Some of the popular social media platforms incorporate Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Snapchat etc.

It all includes sharing valuable and enticing content on different social media platforms to obtain desired results.Integration and communication are set to yield extraordinary gains for your brand. Flymedia Technology specializes in this corridor and creates brand awareness with relevant SMM strategies.

The following are different work ethics we perform on SMO platforms to strengthen the role of social media marketing for your projects:

  • Facebook: At Flymedia Technology, we strive with attractive Facebook posts and ad campaigns by segmenting targeted regions to ensure improved local visibility of your brand.
  • Instagram: We utilize the Instagram dashboard smartly by sharing innovative posts (videos, infographics, images) to generate more followers and brand awareness.
  • YouTube: Our social media marketing agency in Ludhiana, Punjab also emphasize on YouTube to demonstrate your services in the video format.
  • LinkedIn: Well, LinkedIn is another tool to solidify your online identification by posting relevant content to grab audience attention.
  • Twitter: We develop productive Twitter marketing campaigns to let you host more connections throughout the globe. It includes lots of steps from profile creation to audience optimization to campaign management.

How Flymedia Technology is the Best Fit for Your Digital Projects?

Social media optimization involves tons of dedicated efforts to get your brand on the notice board. Flymedia yields perfection in this segment with a proven track record of global clients. Here’re some of our highlighting characteristics:

  • Flymedia Technology has years of industry experience with expertise in the whole digital marketing scenario.
  • Our qualified social media marketers, campaign managers are the key resources, who badge us as the best social media optimization company Ludhiana.
  • Further, Flymedia Technology offers an extensive variety of online marketing services like SEOPPC, SMM, SMO, Content Writing, Video Marketing, Website Design & DevelopmentApp and Software Development and more.
  • we have a reasonable price policy with the assurance of high-quality results within a set timeframe.
  • Quality is another essential feature we entertain for sure. We never compromise it against lower prices.
  • Moreover, client success matter most for us. We strike hard to obtain the best possible results in the form of higher conversion rate, website traffic, customer engagement and online reputation.