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Are you on the lookout for top-rated and trusted google agency for AdWords? Search engine shows around 75,20,00,000 results when looking for the Google AdWords Expert. Finally, your search has let you come across the Google certified experts at ‘Flymedia Technology with experience of 12+ years and counting.

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Google creates a ladder for every business, and one of the most effective ones is PPC (Pay-Per-Click Services), which allows them to reach potential customers from around the globe. The internet uses the pay-per-click model to direct users toward your site. In this process, the advertiser pays the search engine each time a user clicks their ad. The expertise and management of the Pay per click company help generate Pay by clicks instead of the traditional cash or bank payments methods.

Trying to run a Google campaign? When you choose to reach out to the Google AdWords company to create effective paid strategies made under predefined targets and flexible solutions, then ‘Why do you have to waste your money & time?’ Some of the key reasons to choose our Google AdWords professional team:

  1. Cater the most engaging strategies to help you build your brand.
  2. Tried and tested strategies used to optimize the business needs and drive profitable results for the clients.
  3. Helped thousands of clients to target audiences and generated performance.
  4. Build, optimize, and manage advertisers’ accounts depending on their business goals, sizes, and needs.
  5. Check the loophole in the customer’s path from the ‘Search to Purchase’ journey. And then fixing the same to boost ROI (Return On Investment).


Simple Pay per click is a paid service that search engines use to take their Pay. Pay per click has become an essential tool, but, do not go overboard with more clicks is a better thought. Once you have decided who to choose, make sure you are 100% comfortable with them both at work and in conversation. The company should be one with whom you can have a long-term relationship. It would help if you tried to make a partner feel between you and the service provider. A long-lasting relationship needs to be comfortable.
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Why Google Certified Agency?

The badge of Google Certified Agency is obtained after fulfilling certain requirements. Let me give you clarity over the same so that ‘Now’ & ‘Future’ you know the key reasons to choose a Google Adwords certified agency in Ludhiana, Punjab to create a full-funnel marketing strategy as per the latest trends and methods:
PerformanceNeed to maintain optimization score of “ >=70% ” 
CertificationsProfessional Accreditation offered by Google to show proficiency in the Ad world. 

As a Google Partner: ‘Flymedia Technology’ has successfully met all the certification requirements with a 70% optimization score threshold. At present, our optimization score is 78.4%.

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Certified Google Adwords Specialist

For every business need, solutions and strategies are different. In-depth research is the linchpin to achieving optimized and desirable results for every project. Under the expertise of ‘Certified Google AdWords Specialist in Punjab,’ you get several excellent benefits, and it includes the following:
To tell the world about your business, you need a PPC campaign, which professionals also run. The expert services are planned and strategized for cost-effective solutions for your landing page or the whole website. Flymedia Technology ‘Google Ads Expert’ are the ones you can reach out to every time. The expert team has fulfilled all the requirements to be a Google Partner.
The PPC experts, having 11+ years of experience, know which tactics and methods are relevant to increasing website traffic. We are not saying ‘It’s easy as a pie,’ but they know which piece fits perfectly in one place. They know how to track progress, make changes, and develop the most reliable solutions.

‘SUCCESS’ – Ultimate goal for every business. The expertise of Google AdWords professionals helps to determine:

  1. What works the best?
  2. What are the required changes?


Flymedia Technology is here to help you out together with a successful and manageable marketing campaign. Schedule the consulting session to take the first step towards a results-driven strategy for your online business.