What are Ecommerces websites?

Electronic commerce websites are the websites on which virtual transactions of payments and sales are done. The traditional method of selling products is becoming outdated these days. Every retailer is selling his products online, for example, Flipkart and Amazon. Businessmen either make their own websites or they tie up with the bigger websites to sell their products. For example, a huge number of products are available on amazon from various retailers. But there are some other retailers too who sell their product on their own websites.

The benefit of having an ecommerce website is that the retailer can reach to a huge number of customers and can cover up other states and cities too plus customers prefer this way more, so that they can save their energy and time.

Ecommerce Website Development In Ludhiana, Punjab
Ecommerce Website Development In Ludhiana, Punjab

Building an Ecommerce website:

As mentioned earlier there are two ways in which you can get your work done. The first one is deciding to go for your own website. If you choose this way then you will have to find a developer and you can get your own customized website. But, this way is a little bit costlier because it does not involve only the developing cost but maintenance cost too, so you will have to invest money in the website life long. If your budget is low and you want to get your work done hassle free then you can tie up with bigger ecommerce websites this way you can get more customers too.

Number of PagesUpto 25 PagesUpto 50 PagesUpto 100 PagesUnlimited
Website design concepts1123
Content Changes1125
Content Management System (CMS)
Number of Products50100UnlimitedUnlimited
Multiple payment OptionsOnly 1Upto 2Upto 3Upto 5
Analytics & Sales Reports
Full Order Management (Basic)
Shipping Management
Tax Management
Advanced Search Facility
Advance Filtering
Promotions & Discounts
Newsletter Signup
Zipcode Availability
Voucher Code
Quick View (Modal)
Cash on Delivery
Featured Products (Home Page)
Facebook Login
Credits System
Transaction Email API
SMS Integration
Visual Features: Slide show, Lightbox Gallery, Interactive map, Enquiry form
Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin Group page setup
Email Accounts235
Free .com Domain name
On Page SEO Features (SEO not included)
Google Analytics implementation
12 Months Website Hosting
Duration of Project2 Week3 Week3-4 Week5-6 Week
Training & Support
Support & Maintenance1 Month3 Month6 Month1 Year
**Followers cannot be guaranteed without any paid activity
Cost Per MonthContact UsContact UsContact UsContact Us

Setting up the product to sell:

Now the next step will take your attention and hard work. Because you have to do all kinds of research before putting up your product online. You should check out your competition. You should check at what price they are selling , how good is their quality and what other services they are providing, so that you can stand up to the competition shoulder to shoulder and can make profit. All of this work is not temporary, it is permanent so that you don’t get left behind in the race.

Ecommerce Website Development In Ludhiana, Punjab
Ecommerce Website Development In Ludhiana, Punjab

How to build website content

This step gets into work when the customer has a look at your product. As you cannot meet your customer face to face, you will have to convince him through the pictures, videos and description. It is recommended that you upload quality images of your product and write detailed specifications of the product so that the customer can test it and compare it with other products. Some retailers even upload the videos of the product being used, which helps a lot, but depends on the type of the product.

After all these steps you can take your business online, but remember one thing quality of the product and service is very important. All the best.