4 Things That Make Your Website Look Unreliable

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    What makes your website untrustworthy

    In the current era, technology has developed a lot and has become an indispensable part of our world. Although this advancement has made work easier, it has also given rise to a lot of cyber crimes. Because of this, they are now cautious before engaging with any business online. One thing that can make them suspicious is an untrustworthy website. If your website looks unreliable, chances are people won’t do business with you. Hence, you should hire the best website designing company in Ludhiana and create a reliable website. 

    What Makes Your Website Look Unreliable?

    In the digital world, trust is a must. People are aware of the crimes or frauds online and, thus, check multiple times if they can trust a company online. Your website is the first thing that the client will notice, and if it indicates any kind of untrustworthiness, they may not continue with you. So, let us understand some important factors that make your website look unreliable. These are as follows:

    Poor Website Design

    Clients create your impression from your website. Therefore, it should be good. If your website has poor structure, outdated design, full formats or fonts, it makes you look unreliable. Contact the best website designing company in Ludhiana to ensure you have a top-notch design that attracts users and compels them to engage in business with you. You must conduct a regular technical SEO audit to determine the performance of your website.

    No SSL Certificate

    Not having an SSL certificate can be a reason for concern for the clients. This is because the details shared on the website that do not have an SSL certificate are not encrypted and are susceptible to online fraud. Many fraudsters use websites without SSL certificates to get confidential information from the client, such as their bank details, income details, etc. Hence, ensure you have a website with an SSL Certificate. Consult the best digital marketing agency in Punjab to develop an authentic website.

    No Customer Reviews or Testimonials

    Having no reviews is also a cause of suspicion. Chances are companies who have no customer testimonials can be fraud and ready to exploit any client who falls prey to their trick. Provide good service and ensure to take feedback from your clients. Make sure you work on your business and areas of improvement to get positive feedback. Add this positive feedback on your website as it shows your credibility and trustworthiness. 

    Mistakes In Content and Grammar

    A good company will undoubtedly invest in a team that provides them with reliable content that is original and free of errors. This will help them maximise their ROI. Hence, hire a digital marketing company in Punjab to help you with content writing and marketing services. People are unlikely to do business with a company that has poor content on its website, which is full of grammatical errors. Not only will the customer avoid such a company, but also the search engines. Google does not rank poorly in terms of quality and copied content. Hence, make sure you update, proofread and post original content on your website. 


    Website is an important element for a business and you should ensure that your website is reliable. Avoid mistakes such as poor design or structure, copied content and poor content quality, no SSL certificate and lack of testimonials. These mistakes make your website look unreliable. Hire a website designing company in Ludhiana to get good quality website that ranks high and assures customers that you are reliable.