5 Best SEO Tips for 2019

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    5 Best SEO Tips for 2019

    For those who don’t know about SEO.

    Many people are not sure about SEO. SEO stands Search Engine Optimization for a way of boosting the number of people who come to a particular website. This can be done by improving the placing or ranking of search, over Search Engine Result Page to boost online visibility.

    For improving the entire site for search engines, you will need to follow these tips:

    The Whole Website Should Focus On A Single Thing.

    It can have other stuff also but prefer to highlight one single topic which will be the most important one. Since this is the most important point, you will have to do a little research on keywords before you finally select a topic.

    The Placement Of Keywords Is Also Very Essential.

    Include the main thing in the title of the website, hostname, in the explanation, catchline, keywords, kind of blog, titles of the page and also the page content.

    In case you write on WordPress, you can edit a lot of things by going to the General Settings or by a plugin like All in One SEO Pack

    Link To Inside Pages On The Website

    Many content controlling systems do this on their own, but if yours is not able to do, then you will have to be conscious about linking to the most important pages directly from home page and also cross-link them with each other.

    Anything Which Slows Down Your Website Should Be Immediately Removed

    The page load time is very important for getting rid of all the unnecessary things that hang up the website. They can include music players. Large image, graphics and all unnecessary add on’s

    Make Use Of Voice Search Optimization

    Voice Recognition and voice search are becoming a very important part of daily use. The markets in today’s world have devices like Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and many more. All of these have completely transformed the search engine things. Having so many different technological advancements, voice search has become the new big thing in the Search Engine field.

    We have seen that Google has combined AI in Search Engine Optimization. With the help of RankBrain technology, they will now be giving accurate results than they did before. But with the launch of Google Assistant for making mobile devices, there has been a shift of traffic in voice searches.