5 topmost skills to get your hands on the dream front end developer job

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    Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. To stay on the top it is important to have the necessary skills so that you get to land up on your dream job. Be it website designing, graphic designing, marketing, or any other profession you need to have the necessary skills. If you are looking to get the front-end developer job in the best web development company then read the blog to understand what skills you need to possess.

    Must-have front end developer skills


    I know, these 2 terms you will hear often and there is a good reason behind it. There is no front-end developer job, which will call out for the job proficiency without these languages.

    HTML is used to create web pages and it helps the regular text to be different in the document. It is the basic building block for website development.

    CSS is the language that helps the document to be well-presented. CSS comes along with HTML and helps in designing the color, fonts, and layout.


    Javascript/ Jquery

    Another imperative tool is JS (javascript) as it helps to understand the website functioning. JS is the preferred tool when there is a need for interactive features like audio, video games, page animations, and scrolling abilities.

    One of the important things is to check the existence of libraries along with the extensions and plugins which help to make the website easier & faster.

    CSS and JavaScript Frameworks

    Both of these are the collections of CSS or JS files which helps in providing the common functionality. Instead of beginning with an EMPTY text file, you should begin with the code file as you are going to get JS in it.

    Make sure that you pick the best framework which will help your website to build correctly. To make things effective, both of these options should be used together. For an efficient developer, it is important to understand these 2.

    Version Control/Git

    During website development, then things might turn out to be difficult. Finding the error can fix the problem right away. But what if there is an issue and you need to start over. Well! No one wants to experience such a nightmare. This is where the version control will be highly beneficial. It is the process to track and control the changes which can occur in the source code.

    It will keep track of the changes and let you go to the previous version so that you can find the work before the work went wrong.

    Responsive Design

    Earlier there was a time that websites can only be used on the desktop. Now those days are gone and you can use the website on any platform you like. Be it phone or tablet you can open the website anywhere. This is because the website has a responsive design.

    The list goes on and on. To be a proficient web developer you need to make efforts and within no time you will find your dream job.