A comprehensive guide about Google Discovery Ads and using strategies.

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    comprehensive guide about Google Discovery Ads and using strategies.

    What are Google Discovery Ads? 

    Google Discovery Ads is a kind of Ad format which is shown on various Google Ads platforms such as Google discover feed, youtube platform and Gmail promotion tab etc, Goodg Discover Ads are used by the brands to connect and engage with their customers by sharing their side of story. Google Ads are usually visually engaging and consist of a mix of images, headlines, descriptions and call to action buttons. The most interesting thing about these ads is that you don’t have to create different ads for different platforms. It will automatically start displaying once you are done setting the ad for once. Google Ads recognizes their audience behavior, taste and needs and starts showing them ads which resonates with them. For more information consult the best digital marketing company in India


    How to create Google Discovery Ads?

    To create Google Discover Ad you need to follow the following steps:

    • Create Google Ads Account: Visit Google Ads website to create a google ads account if you don’t have one. 
    • Campaign Creation: In your Google Ads account there will be an option of campaigns, reach to the campaigns tab and select on the “+” button to build a new campaign.
    • Campaign Goal: Discovery Ads are used mostly for Sales, creating leads and increasing website traffic. While creating campaigns, keep selecting these goals for your campaign.
    • Campaign Type: Select “Discover” as the campaign type
    • Ad Group Creation: Build a new ad group within your campaign.
    • Ad Creation: Next important step is create your ad by adding images, headlines, descriptions and while creating an ad keep in mind that your ad follows Google’s ad policies and guidelines.
    • Targeting: It is important to define your targeting audience based on their interes, general behavior and demographics as your ad will be shown to them based on these categories. 
    • Budget and Bidding: It is important to set a limit for your budget and bidding strategy.
    • Check, Review and Launch: Before launching your ad it is advised to check and review it properly.

    By following the above mentioned steps you can create an engaging Google Display AD or you can take help of the best digital marketing company in Ludhiana.


    Benefits of Google Discover Ad:

    Some of the general benefits of Google Discover Ads are:

    • Reach large number of Audience: As google discovery ads get displayed on various google platforms which helps in reaching a large number of audience and increases visibility on the brand.
    • Visually engaging: In Google Discovery Ads you can include images, headlines and description which makes it visually more appealing to the audience and attracts users attention. 
    • Personalized Targeting: Google Discover ads analyzes audience taste, interest and general behavior which helps in personalized targeting by showcasing those ads to the audience in which they are interested.
    • Increased Brand Awareness: Google Discovery Ads are shown on various google platforms, while a user browses content. It helps in increasing their attention and brings brand awareness and visibility.
    • Cost Effective: Google Discovery Ads are on the costlier side but they are a cost effective medium of advertising and marketing of a brand. It helps in attracting organic traffic to the site.

    These are some general benefits of Google Discovery Ads. It is a powerful medium to engage with the users and increase the visibility and drive organic traffic on the site and customers of the brand. For more information regarding Google Discovery Ads you should be consulting the best digital marketing company in Ludhiana.