AI at Work: Analysing Amazon’s Review Summarization Strategies

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    AI Review Highlights: How Amazon Uses AI to Summarise Reviews


    AI has been a big help for people who have been using it for improving their business prospects. Amazon is one such organisation which has used this advanced technology to summarise their reviews.

    In this blog, the best SEO Company in Ludhiana will shed light on the best ways Amazon has exploited the use of AI in summarising their customer reviews, which has effectively helped them understand the needs of their customers and act accordingly.

    Ways With Which Amazon Review Highlights Feature Work?

    Although users can still search for customer reviews, this new feature called Amazon Review Highlights appears on the top of the customer reviews section on every product page.

    You can generate new AI texts that are based on the attributes provided to you. You can also simply tap on those attributes to filter relevant reviews.

    According to Amazon, their AI highlights review will only process their review data from verified purchases into account. The most trusted SEO Company in Ludhiana found out that it effectively prevents fake reviews from affecting the overall message that the AI will generate. 

    Apart from that, users can determine the validity of a review by looking at other reviews generated by AI.

    How Your Amazon Store Gets Affected By This Feature?

    The Amazon Products Review plays a significant role in eCommerce, especially in Amazon. It gets a lot of reviews from its customers, which can impact the customers’ decision to purchase a product from one or more sellers.

    How AI Highlights Review Can Improve Your Business and Customer Experience

    Here are some of the biggest ways in which this feature can improve your businesses in the following ways:

    • Customers Don’t Need To Spend Time Deciding Your Product: Users don’t need to manually read the reviews themselves as they can use this feature to know the things customers have to say about any particular product. As per the most reliable SEO Company in Ludhiana, if your amazon product earns positive reviews, the users will also get a positive summary for it. Apart from that, a customer can get a consensus about a product and base their decision to purchase it on that summary.
    • You May Need More Reviews to Attract More Customers: Potential customers can shy away from purchasing a product online if it has too few reviews or exclusively perfect reviews that seem to be fake. For example, if your product has a 4.2 to 4.5 stars out of 5, it will perform better and have better demand in the market than the ones that have perfect ratings. It can become a potential red flag for many users if the AI feature has only five star summaries to generate the review content.
    • Your Product, Brand, and Reputation Can Be Affected By Your Reviews: The most trustworthy SEO Company in Ludhiana has found out that reviews posted by customers can affect your brand, product, and reputation. Customers leave reviews on social media sites that may not be favourable. If the reviews are on a positive note, it will definitely boost the sales of your product and enhance your image. Whereas unsatisfied or unhappy customers can leave unfavourable reviews that can deter other people from buying your products.


    Amazon’s Review Highlights feature is potentially helpful for sellers to sell their products with the utmost effect. It can help these people know what their customers need and expect from their products. Hence, you can sell these products knowing what your customers need and earn more profits.