All You Need to Know About Online Reputation Management

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    All You Need to Know About Online Reputation Management

    Every online business has some risks associated with getting negative responses online. This blog is your go to map to tackle the problem of negative attention online, there are some effective tips listed in it from the expert marketers of Digital marketing company in ludhiana

    Read till last and make your website rank top in the SERP even with negative online attention. 

    What exactly is ORM

    If you know about the process of public relations, then you already know about ORM. ORM and PR are the same processes in some aspects. The main objective of ORM is to neutralise the negative responses and promote the positive ones. 

    Role of ORM

    According to the leading marketing strategists of digital marketing in india, ORM can affect 100% of a brand’s image online, and it can completely overlap the PR. However, the base of ORM isn’t building a brand’s good reputation. Instead, it focuses on defending online brands’ reputations. In a nutshell, there are four points that illustrate the role of ORM:

    • Monitor 
    • Respond
    • Improve 
    • Promote 

    ORM can be considered as the process or tool of consistently modifying, building or improving your brand’s image online & increasing customer satisfaction rate. 

    Why Every Business Needs ORM

    ORM makes a business more credible and favourable, which makes users engage in your business more! There are numerous reasons that conclude that ORM is necessary for every business, big or small. In a survey conducted by the best SEO company in ludhiana, it was found that almost 60% of online users will avoid buying from sites that are not credible and trustworthy due to negative responses online. 

    Makes Website Trustworthy & Credible 

    Number of online customers reaching the internet on a daily basis for their query search is an opportunity to make your brand more known with great ORM strategies. ORM’s role of making websites credible is as important as the link building strategy. 

    For example, in April 2021, news surfaced online regarding a KYC data hack of approximately 25 lakhs of people using a certain trading app. At that time, brands faced a huge drop in their stock. Lakhs of people switched from that app. But within six months, Boom! That certain trading app is back in the game thanks to excellent ORM strategies and other tactics. 

    Boosts in Visibility & Search Rankings 

    ORM is considered as the defensive online tactic to deal with the brand’s online image but it can also be used for making a brand’s positive reputation and maximising ROI

    People choose the website which ranks higher than others in SERP. Positive reviews online regarding your brands, services will contribute to generating leads and providing more conversion rates. 


    By optimising business profiles in different service locations and generating more reviews can be helpful in increasing business ranking in particular location search too. After your business is well established then users will find your services through search rankings and ORM strategis are the most important tool in increasing your business online ranking. 

    Nobody wants to engage with a company with a negative reputation online. To make your business reputation shine like a star, contact FlyMedia Technology, the best digital marketing company.