Available options in web development – Core Programming, CMS & Frameworks

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    If we talk about web development, then it is a majorly broad term in itself. It is all because of the websites that have been ruling the internet world for the last decades. Many people compare websites with technologies, but they must know that technologies come and go, but websites will never go out of trend. Every business owner needs to have these for running the business smoothly. According to the expert SEO, “People are relying on the website development in Ludhiana, as they know that 70 to 80% of the traffic can be obtained from the website itself.”

    Here the business owners must know that if their primary goal is to not only come up with a well functioning website only, but they also want to be consistent on the social media platforms, then hiring the digital marketing company in Ludhiana that will offer the comprehensive business services will be good for them.

    When it will be about the web development, you will be left with the following options:

    Core programming

    If you want to build dynamic websites, then you have the option of using the core web programming languages such as:

    • PHP
    • ASP.NET

    With these languages, you will be able to build complete websites in which you will be allowed to add dynamic components too.

    Content Management Systems

    The predominantly chosen option is the usage of the content management system. These are the kind of the preconfigured websites that are built with extreme ease. These are built with some simple rules and templates. The usage of the templates ensures that the time for the development gets reduced. Some really good examples of the CMS are as follow:

    • WordPress
    • Joomla
    • Magneto
    • Drupal

    With the help of the frameworks

    Frameworks are responsible for providing the developers with the particular benefit advantages that the frameworks have to offer. As you might know that these frameworks are based on some of the core programming languages such as:

    • CodeIgniter
    • PHP

    Download the templates

    Who does not know that the extremely rapid and convenient option to build a website with ease is to download a template? The predesigned templates are easily available at quintessentially economical prices. The modification of these templates can be done as per your requirements.

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