Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved – #1 On Facebook Trend Explanation

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    So Wondering around Facebook today I watched on the right side just below my ticker news feed that there was Bermuda Triangle on trends. I just read an article three or four days ago on Bermuda triangle mystery claimed to be solved but I though that was a fluke just like the previous one’s but this one is serious I guess, as it is on #1 in Facebook trend. So I tried reading more articles on this and here is my explanation on the topic and a contribution to the Facebook trends.

    So first of all who claimed that they have solved it there is a documentary made on this issue by Science Channel who discovered some strange hexagonal-shaped clouds that cover over the area of Bermuda triangle.

    What’s so special about these hexagonal-shaped Clouds, the special is that these hexagonal clouds are creating winds of 106 kilometres per hour (65 mph) that act as “air bombs” to sink ships and bring down planes.

    but Is there really a thing like Bermuda triangle, and is there a mystery to be solved. As there are no extra unexplained plane crashes and shipwrecks in the area, despite what you might have heard.

    What if Bermuda Triangle, Bermuda Triangle refers to a region of ocean bordered by Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. It came into featuring when in 1950s, a journalist named Edward Van Winkle Jones wrote an article on a large number of ships and planes that had disappeared in the region.

    But the real deal started in 70s when Charles Berlitz published the best-selling The Bermuda Triangle, and everyone started speculating that their are UFO’s and aliens.

    But if you will search for more about hoaxes about Bermuda triangle sure you will come across many articles that will tell you about the real truth behind the no evidence about disappearances that happened in there so the mystery solved is just another weather Phenomenon that has been been invented and it is pretty cool.