Best Email Marketing tips by Flymedia Technology

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    Best Email Marketing tips by Flymedia Technology

    Have you sent an email to the client so that you do not get a response? How do you know they read it? Or they opened the mail and deleted it. You are not aware of what is making things go wrong. In this topic, we are going to focus on effective email marketing tips by Flymedia technology.

    The most important question which arises in the minds of many business owners “Is email marketing helpful?” If you are using the best email marketing tips then the answer is yes.

    Still, many business owners are not able to understand the power of email marketing. This is because they are not able to see positive results because of their shortcomings. Make sure that you take help from the best digital marketing company as they will share with you the tips which will boost your business. Here we will be sharing the most effective tips given by Flymedia Technology.

    Focus on the Subject Line

    One of the most important tips given by the experts in the SEO company is focused on the subject line. This is the most important way to draw the attention of the users. But keep in mind the space is limited so make sure you give the message accordingly. Research shows that around 33% of people open the email based on the subject only but it is important that the number will be a bit higher.

    Short and to the point is beneficial

    A subject line needs to be balanced properly. The message should be long enough so that it gives proper context and meaning. But, make sure that it does not go too far as the main subject. The subject line will prompt the readers to click and it will force them to open the mail.

    So, short and simple is the best way. Research has found that around 82% of email marketers get benefit when the subject line is 60 characters or less. On average, you should keep it around 43 characters long.

    Format the Email Properly

    To make sure that email leaves a proper impact to keep the following points in mind:

    • Short paragraphs
    • Bullet points
    • One image
    • Right call-to-action (CTA)
    • Clickable element above the fold (at least one image, link, or CTA)
    • Social sharing links

    Thorough Edit before sending Email

    Some of the most common practices include:

    • “Remember to give a plain-text version of your email.”
    • “Time zones use smart sending to match”
    • “Run a grammar and spelling test.”
    • “Before sending, send it to yourself and read it aloud.”

    Once you are sure that you are happy that you have created the best email, you can send it to someone else. This will help you to know that your message is understandable by them.