Best PHP Frameworks For 2016

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    Best PHP Frameworks For 2016

    PHP is the popular server- side scripting language because from the last few years its pre build flexibility and ease to use structure code allow the developer to spend time on creating website rather than spending time on repetitive code. So with the PHP framework it has become easy to develop websites faster.

    Benefits Of Using PHP Framework

    Following reasons make PHP framework beneficial for the developers

    • Due to less code it makes possible spedy development
    • Well organized and manageable code
    • Follows MVC pattern
    • Escape you from worries of security of site
    • Scalable web apps
    • Effective performance and object oriented tools

    Choosing the framework is not easy task so following are some best PHP frameworks of 2016 about which a developer must be aware


    It is the fastest and full stack framework for PHP which is written as extension to C and has been optimized to reach high performance level. Without learning C, PHP classes can be used. It is best option for the intermediates.

    Basic features

    • Reduced overhead typical of MVC based apps
    • Boosts execution speed
    • Reduced resource usage
    • Universal auto loader, security and asset management
    • Well documented and easy to use


    This framework was released in 2011 but it has gained popularity in less time due to its salient features like huge ecosystem, instant hosting and developing platform. It is claimed as the best PHP framework of 2016 because of the following reasons.

    Basic features

    • Laravel makes authentication so simple and easy due to all over authentication options
    • Artisan console name of the command line interface in this best framework is helpful to command while creating an application

     Having RESTful routing, local development environment called Homestead, light weight tempting motor are included in its features

    • Inbuilt unit testing and simple readable great sentence framework
    • Larger community catering obliging huge number of programming nerds and application designers


    It is also great PHP framework to create websites and applications. It is best option for intermediates. It has symphony components like Drupal content management system, Symfony 2 or phpBB forum software used by many impressive projects.

    Basic features

    • It is stable, sustainable and flexible 3 in 1 PHP framework
    • Used by Wide developer community
    • Reusable symfony components
    • Cool showcase section
    • Installation of any component with composer PHP dependency manager
    • Easy form creation,object configuration, authentication and routing

    Other than these above there are many other PHP frameworks that work effectively for developing the websites but among all most popular and best of 2016 is laravel.

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