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    The motive of each eCommerce website is to somehow drive more and more sales by turning the visitors into purchasers. For that, it is required to increase the traffic. To come out triumphant in that objective, you should hire a reputed ecommerce SEO company that could promise you the best conversion rates.

    So let’s begin:

    Why is it important to hire the right company for eCommerce SEO?
    It has been observed that some SEO companies do not make use of the right SEO techniques as far as an eCommerce website is concerned. Use of wrong techniques will not let your website rank higher and thus the traffic will not be encountered. So for the sake of your business, only hire the best SEO company like Flymedia technology. The projects being handled by this company are ranking at the top because the team leaders keep on beginning in the new SEO techniques which are important to enhance your online presence.

    Why is Flymedia technology considered the best SEO Company?

    The SEO executives at flymedia technology make use of the following techniques to make sure that the projects gain successful results on the search engine.

    • Keyword research
    The choice of the keyword is crucial. Based on the effective research on the keywords, we can fetch maximum traffic to our website. The predominant motive of keyword research is to find out which keywords are being searched by the users the most.

    We follow the following procedure in the keyword research:
    First of all, we list all the pages for which we have to research for the keyword.
    Based on the topic of a particular page, we find the appropriate keywords.

    A little tip
    Effective keyword research involves page by page research.

    • Optimizations of the descriptions and URLs
    If you have hundreds and thousands of pages, then writing a unique description for each one is a very cumbersome task. In those cases, it is usually suggested that you should prioritise your work and put maximum efforts on the pages that are ranking high for at least one keyword.
    Make sure you are writing the relevant descriptions as they will be the source to grab the immediate attention of the users.

    Things to keep in mind while writing and the descriptions:

    • Try to incorporate some long-tail keywords, if you deem necessary.
    • Try to use some actionable words like free, buy click and sale.
    • Do not forget to mention the USP
    • Try to optimize the CTR

    Pro tips for writing effective URLs

    While writing the URLs you should make sure that they are:
    • Short, Simple and Sweet
    • In Hierarchy
    • Separated by the hyphens

    • Try to add the schema markup

    The schema markup allows the user to get more and more information about the product. The description which does not involve the schema markup usually do not have a high chance to get encountered with the huge traffic as the visitors are tempted to visit only that website which they think can provide them with the detailed information about the product.

    A little tip
    Make sure you’re adding the schema on your product pages. It will help Google to make the maximum information present to the customers in the most effective way.

    Do not forget this
    Do not forget to add the schema to the category pages. The schema markup should be relevant. You should corroborate to mark every listing with a schema if one is done.

    • Finding Orphaned pages
    The SEO team makes sure that the product & category pages are not difficult for the users to access. For that, the SEO professionals take into account suggesting the developer to ameliorate the structure of the website. The developer should also make sure that the structure of the website is designed in the way that the access to the product and the category pages is not far than 3 clicks.

    • Correcting Keyword cannibalization errors
    This mistake is done by all the SEO companies. But we have instructed our team to quintessentially take care whether the same keyword is being targeted for more than one page and the posts.

    • Link Building
    This is the trickiest aspect of the SEO since this involves the building of the links to the following:
    • Homepages
    • Product Pages
    • Category pages

    Here are some tips to come out with effective link building:
    First of all, you should try to find some sites via extensive research that could help you to link to the homepages of your competitors’ websites.

    What if I don’t know, with whom am I competing?
    If you do not know with whom you are competing, then there is a simple way to figure this out. Follow the steps:

    • Site explorer
    • Enter your domain
    • Competing domains

    • Try to get listed on the ‘Where to buy’ pages
    There are some websites and online stores that suggest to the customers or visitors, where they should buy a particular product from. If you get listed on such pages, then you may get benefited with the huge encounter with the traffic?

    • The international alternative technique
    This is the best technique which involves finding competitors in a different market. Try to mention that competitor’s name in your blog post. This way you can request your competitors to link you with their websites.

    Content marketing
    The importance of content marketing lies in the same as that of link building.
    Content marketing is the best source to drive maximum traffic to your page. The motive of content marketing is to provide information to the user in the form of images and videos. At flymedia technology, we make sure that we publish relevant and unique content. Our SEO team is highly accountable if any plagiarism is found.

    Bottom Line
    All the above-mentioned SEO techniques are admired as far as the outcomes are concerned. Our clients never had anything to complain about anything. We promise you that if you give us a chance to serve you, we shall leave no stone unturned to make your website rank on top.