Core elements of the website – Hosting, Domain, themes and plugins

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    Core elements of the website - Hosting, Domain, themes and plugins

    To stand apart in the competition of becoming the highly ranked and hugely visited eCommerce website requires the right development. Go for hiring the experts for the best eCommerce website development.

    Core components
    There are several core elements of the e-commerce website:
    • Hosting
    • Domain name
    • Plugin

    If these core elements are given quintessential acre of then these would help you;
    • Win the competition
    • Drive the sales
    • Attainment of the sustainable growth

    So let’s begin with the knowledge of all the important elements which makes an eCommerce website the best of all.

    • Hosting
    If you are lacking in driving the significant traffic, then you must switch to high quality, fast and reliable hosting plans. The impact of poor hosting can be seen on sales. With the slow page load speed, your visitors may get infuriated and they may decide not to visit your site ever again. It is observed that the visitors who get bothered with the page speed end up abandoning their cart eventually which is a loss generating condition for your website.

    • Domain
    Choosing an ideal domain name for your website is the most important and crucial facet. Your brand will be recognized by that name so you should invest considerable time in thinking about the short, punchy, classy, memorable and fancy name.

    You can look for a few examples like:
    • Youtube
    • Snapchat
    • Netflix
    • Amazon Prime
    • Hotstar
    • Instagram

    You need to keep your target audience in mind. Make sure that the name is depicting the theme of your eCommerce website. If the name will give a vague idea of what you are selling then the user may get frustrated since you are not offering what he has expected to buy from you.

    CMS is an abbreviated form of the content management system. With this, you can manage your business by giving the utmost care to the functionalities. The modification features help your website to rank on the top since it is regularly getting updated. Consider the following features when you are looking for the ideal content management system:
    • Easy interface
    • Affordable cost
    • Community support

    Important fact
    Wordness is the most trusted and admired content management system.

    The theme is what catches the attention of the user. Among so many options, you need to choose the one which fits your brand and gives life to it. If you love customisation, then make sure you are opting up for the customisation themes that allow you to personalise the following:
    • Fonts
    • Colours
    • Layout

    The installation of the eCommerce plugin allows your website to become an actual online store. If you are using WordPress, then WooCommerce will be the best plugin choice for you. It is not only effective but it facilitates the users with easy navigation.

    Bottom Line
    The building of the deal eCommerce website is not that difficult, you need the right skillset and proper strategy. But do not get overconfident that you know everything, instead, you should go for having some helpful tips that would help you to add something unique to your eCommerce website.