Craft a good Top Funnel Content Marketing Strategy

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    Craft a good Top Funnel Content Marketing Strategy

    What is a Marketing Funnel?

    Marketing Funnel is the journey through which a loyal customer goes through. It represents all those stages from getting awareness regarding a product to purchase of a product a customer makes. This journey of Marketing Funnel is divided into three stages:

      • Top of the funnel: The top of the funnel is the most important stage where important leads enter.In this stage awareness is being made to the customer regarding the brand or product to develop their interest. This stage should include high quality content which provides good information regarding particular subjects to the customer to develop interest in your brand. It includes: Articles, Educational videos, Industry whitepapers, Infographics, infographics, reviews, interviews with experts etc.
      • Middle of the funnel: In this stage the customer has become familiar with your brand. It requires more detailed information to prove to the customer that your brand or product is the best compared to other brands. It includes Product overview, demos, testimonials, guidance regarding the product usage, specifications showing page, free trials etc.
      • Bottom of the Funnel: This is the final stage before a customer makes a purchase. In this stage customers need a last push to get convinced that your product is the best. Give an assistance to answer all queries answers to the customer, you can give promotional offers, free shipments or free trials etc to convenience them fully with your product. For more detailed information you can consult the best digital marketing company in Ludhiana

    What is Top funnel content marketing? 

    As per discussed above, top funnel content marketing strategy is adopted to bring awareness among the customers regarding a product to attract a wide range of customers. This content marketing strategy is made to make the customers familiar with the product or a service which a particular brand provides.

    The top funnel content is mostly educational or informative and less promotional. The top funnel content marketing creates brand awareness, establishes credibility, and attracts potential customers who are at the ear;ly stage of the buying process. Top funnel content marketing strategies include blog posts, social media posts, infographics, video, podcasts etc. 

    Points to consider before doing Top funnel content marketing strategies

    Some general points to keep in mind to craft a good top funnel content writing marketing are:

    • Define target Audience: Start from defining the target audience for creating top funnel content marketing. Consider the need, preference of your targeted audience and then create the top funnel content marketing which resonates with them.
    • Setting a clear goal: Setting a clear goal regarding your top funnel content marketing strategy is important to drive according to the need whether you want to bring awareness regarding the brand, or increase the traffic on the site or want to grow social media following.
    • Create informational content: To create a good top funnel content marketing, you should be creating informational content more and not too much promotional. It is built to bring awareness regarding the product to the customer and providing good information regarding a particular product helps in building the trust of a customer.
    • Promote your Content: Promote your content through various social media channels such as instagram, facebook etc. It will help you in attracting a large number of audience towards your content and increase the interests of the buyers. 

    These are a few strategies which you can follow to create a good quality top funnel content marketing for promoting your product. For a good quality top funnel marketing content you can also consult the best digital marketing company in India.