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    How do you create an HTML map?

    HTML and XHTML is an image map and a list of coordinates relating to a specific image, created to hyperlink areas of the image to different destinations. For instance, a map of the world may have each country hyperlinked to further information about that country.


    What is the definition of an HTML map? 

    HTML is a type of map that refers to an image map used to define clickable regions on an image. It allows you to associate different areas of an image with different hyperlinks. It is particularly useful when you have an image with multiple interactive regions. It is also used in SEO. The best SEO Company in Ludhiana, uses the keywords to enhance the ranking of the search. 


    How to create an HTML map? 

    Technical SEO that is well-executed involves making your website crawlable and accessible. The main goal of an HTML sitemap is to help the user in finding the page they are looking for on the website. Search engines are unable to keep track of the millions of materials on the internet due to the increasing size and complexity of websites. If your website is large, it is possible that good content is hidden away where search engines can not find it.


    Steps to create an HTML sitemap. 

    Two significant steps are helpful for creating an HTML sitemap. 

    • HTML sitemap with sitemap generators: HTML sitemap generators make sitemap creation quick, simple, and accurate. Installing a sitemap in a website may be as simple as installing a plugin, depending on your CMS. Download the Hierarchical HTML Sitemap plugin or the Sitemap plugin if you use WordPress. For your website, add a new page with the label Sitemap. Then, as directed by the plugin, add the HTML shortcode to the page. When you’re finished, click Publish. These are free plugins that you can use without the need for any coding or configuring.
    • Add a new page manually: Using a sitemap generator is much easier than creating a sitemap manually. To learn how to create a sitemap, you need to have intermediate to advanced knowledge of the two markup languages, HTML. If you want to create an XML sitemap manually, you’ll need to do a lot of coding. It is far easier to create HTML sitemaps manually, especially for small websites with little content.


    What are the benefits of the HTML sitemaps? 

    HTML sitemaps have several benefits. 

    • Organize large websites: An HTML sitemap serves as a directory for web pages, allowing website owners to organize their large and complex websites.
    • Makes it easier for search engines to find your pages: A well-organized HTML sitemap can help search engines find your content quickly and easily. So they can crawl it.
    • Creates internal links: Your HTML sitemap also allows you to add internal links to your pages, which are critical for SEO
    • Improves site navigation: An HTML sitemap improves your website’s overall navigation. By listing all your pages on a single page. So users can find what they need quickly.

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