Choosing b/w: How are WordPress and drupal different from each other?

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    How does the content management system work?


    It is one of the most used content management systems since 2003. It accounts for around 40% of the websites which is a great number in itself. Some of the well-known entities using WordPress are:

    • Sony Mobile
    • Mercedes Benz
    • TechCrunch
    • The New Yorker


    Drupal has been there since 2000 and it accounts for around 2.3% of websites and in the CMS market, its share is around 4.6%. The well-known website using Drupal are:

    • University of Colorado
    • State of Colorado
    • The Economist
    • Dallas Cowboys

    What are the benefits?


    • Feature of extensibility

    It is easy to extend and that too without getting assistance from custom development. If there is the right extension then WordPress can do wonders.

    • Easy to use

    Due to its user-friendly approach anyone can use it

    • Make it easier to get help

    A massive amount of people are using it so it allows them to fix any issue with ease.

    • Minimal development cost

    If you would like to have something different then WordPress is what you have to go for.


    • Allows the user permission

    With WordPress, there are single-site ships and just 5 basic roles. But when it comes to Drupal then it is easy to create new roles and every user will have their own permission set.

    • Custom content views and types

    Many people prefer Drupal’s content type to be more flexible as compared to the WordPress one.

    • Helps to provide multi-language support

    The function of multilingualism helps to reach the core which makes it much better.

    • Handle data

    With WordPress, it is much easier to handle a lot of data as compared to WordPress.

    How to extend the website?

    Be it Drupal or WordPress, the website can be extended in both options. In terms of functioning, the add-ons are referred to as plugins and for Drupal, it is known as modules. In terms of improving the website aesthetics, be it Drupal or WordPress, it is termed as themes.

    What about the themes and plugins?

    If we talk about the raw numbers then WordPress has a much better number of extensions. This means that the word-press ecosystem is much better in terms of size and importance.

    Final word!

    Technicality is difficult to understand when you are not familiar with the approach or have used it practically. This is why you have to let the professionals do the work and get the best results to make your website stand out.