What are the predominant differences between WordPress and Drupal?

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    According to the survey conducted by the famous website designing company, it has been found out that many people are confused about the features and the usage of WordPress and Drupal. As per the web development experts, so many people think that WordPress is the only platform that offers the building of the website.

    So we have made an effort to clear your confusion regarding WordPress and drupal.

    Know something about their Commencement




    It is one of the well-recognized CMS till date. It was launched to cope up with the challenges of the blogging world. It has been successful in making its own separate space in the digital world and the result is that now WordPress dominates 40% of the total websites available on the internet.


    Being influenced by the dominance of the WordPress, following well-recognized brands and companies are using the WordPress:


    ●       Sony

    ●       Mercedes Benz

    ●       TechCrunch

    Drupal was launched in 2000. This platform was introduced much before WordPress came into origin. But till today, it has not been able to achieve that much success and total share on the internet as WordPress has. Drupal has nearly about 2.3% dominance on the websites present on the internet.


    But still, there are many companies and brands which are finding drupal useful like the following:

    ●       Nasa.gov

    ●       The economist

    ●       University of colorado






    WordPress Drupal
    ●       Very easy to use

    ●       Flexibility and Versatility

    ●       Very easy to get help

    ●       Reduction in the development costs

    ●       Variety of customisable options

    ●       Options for controls and permissions

    ●       Support system for the multilingual websites

    ●       Everything is adjustable




    Which one is easy and convenient to use?


    WordPress Drupal
    As far as the competition is concerned for the best website maker, then no platform can beat the WordPress but still, some things are to be considered regarding the learning curves.

    The beginners find this platform the best since commencing with website designing from scratch is so easy with it.

    You can have a full-fledged and well-functioning website.

    Drupal is known for its customisable options. You can create a website with a custom-coded theme with the help of drupal. The slight disadvantages which pop up are that you need a web developer to make the website that looks pretty much good.





    What about security?


    WordPress Drupal
    WordPress is one of the secure CMS but the wildcard entries owing to the giant third party ecosystem is encountered at a very high rate.Drupal has an awesome feature of lockdown security because of which becomes the first choice as the CMS for many websites.