What are the different interconnections between SEO and Website designing?

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    Many of us do not know that web designing and SEO are interrelated simply as website designing and website development are interrelated. On that account, the website designing company also provides SEO Services. So in today’s blog, let’s unfold the interconnection between web designing and SEO.

    Connection no.1: SERP & Page loading


    • SERP

    SERP is an acronym for the Search engine results page.


    • Page Loading

    By page loading, we do mean how much time a page takes to show up as soon as the visitors visit the website.


    • InterConnection

    The designer is responsible for the enhancement in the page loading speed. If the page takes quintessentially much time to get loaded, then obviously, this will create an impact on the overall search engine rankings of that specific page. No matter how effective the content and how appealing the graphics are, if your page speed has not been able to satisfy the user, he will never appreciate your hard work.


    Connection no.2: On-page SEO & Structural modifications


    • On-page SEO

    SEO is an acronym for Search Engine optimization and it is carried out through three different procedures:

    • On-page SEO
    • Off-page SEO
    • Technical SEO


    On-Page SEO refers to the optimizations that are particularly done on the website.


    • Structural modifications

    A website is built of various structures which makes the ultimate layout. If that structure is not getting conducive to the user, some transformation has to be done on that.


    • Interconnection

    If the structure of the website will be ameliorated, then obviously the user will not find the structure of the website pleasing and he will not be inclined to get bounced back from the website, so naturally, it will affect the optimization.


    Connection no. 3: Graphics/Videos and the Page speed


    • Graphics/Videos

    Graphics and videos are the interactive elements of the website. Without these, the website would look dull and the user will not find any pleasure in reading the content. For then it will be like reading a dull piece of information.


    • Page speed

    As we have discussed above, page speed is nothing but the time taken by the particular page to get loaded when a visitor steps on the page.


    • Interconnection

    As we can simply sum out how graphics and videos impact the page speed. If the graphics of adequate size will not be used, then the adverse effect will naturally be endured by the page speed.


    So how can the problems owing to insatiable interconnection be coped up?

    If the website designers are provided with the right specifications about different elements in the website, then surely SEO executives will not encounter any kind of problem.