Does Google favor AI originated content over Human written content?

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    Does Google favor AI originated content over Human written content?

    After the introduction of AI, the question usually comes to mind is that writer will lose their job? And since then it has been a debatable question. Now the second thing which is asked by google is that Google’ algorithm favors AI originated content over human made content? Google answered regarding this question “No” and explained in detailed that how the content is ranked in its News Tab:

    Indexing: Google arranges the content according to its Indexes. However if the content shows up in Google Indexes then it doesn’t guarantee that content will be ranking good. In the Indexes the content is shown on the basis of timely nature. 

    Recency: The newer the content will be the higher the chances of showing the content on the above ranking. So the high ranking of the contempt also depends upon the recency of the content.

    Relevancy: The content writing regarding a particular topic, The Google ranks the content higher if the written content is relevant and related to the topic. Using appropriate terminologies regarding the topic, shows the relevance of the topic and helps it in ranking higher.

    Quality: The algorithm of Google to rank the content higher mainly focuses on the quality of the content as well which is decided on the base of theory (E-E-A-T) which means Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. Following this theory google analyzes the quality of content and ranks the content higher with good quality. 

    Age of Website: Google doesn’t start showing the content in its News tab of newly launched sites. It sees and observes that the site is consistent in publishing their content and if they will remain consistent then Google will start publishing their content on its News tab.

    Crawler Access: Some content publishers don’t give crawler access to Google in the fear that it will show plagiarism in their content. This has an impact on the ranking of the content according to the Google algorithm.

    How Google determines credibility of content? 

    By assessing the various factors such as website reputation, the quality of the content, expertise of authors, backlinks from other reputable sites. All these factors are considered by Google algorithm to determine the credibility of the content. For information can consult the Best Digital marketing company in Ludhiana

    How does Google determine the expertise of authors?

    With the experience, credentials and reputation of an author in a particular subject area, Google determines the expertise of an author. With these citations from other sources, previous publications, endorsement of experts are also determined. All these factors are used by Google to determine the credibility of an author.

    How AI written content helps in increasing the rank of a website?

    After reading the above points we can’t conclude that Human written content is given preference over AI content. Still the usage of AI content in the content writing helps in positively impacting the Google content ranking . By creating high quality, relevant, and engaging content through AI, it can help in increasing the ranking of content. AI uses all the related terminologies which helps in increasing the ranking , it meets the user intent and improves SEO performance. With all these techniques AI content helps in boosting website traffic, leading to better search engine performance. For more information you can consult the Best Digital marketing company in India.