What do the experts think about the latest eCommerce trends and their impact in 2021?

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    What do the experts think about the latest eCommerce trends and their impact in 2021?


    This year, we all have seen a lot. Especially in the eCommerce sector, a lot has evolved, and for the best. Most of the consumers have shifted their focus to spending online as COVID-19 prevented them to shop manually.

    With the continuous evolvement in digital marketing, it is important to know what will happen in 2021?

    Huge businesses will flourish whereas the mid-market retailers suffer

    Parry Malm, CEO of Phrasee

    According to him, the online-only experts, hyperlocals will find that the market shares are going to see an escalation. Everyone else is going to be affected to a great extent. We have seen many small scale businesses bust because of the sudden change. Even if this trend does not multiply, it is going to be there for a long time.


    CRM becomes the hero

    James Gurd, Owner and Ecommerce Replatforming Consultant, Digital Juggler

    In 2021, the e-commerce business owners need to give importance to first time buyers. When the customer makes the first purchase, you need to nurture that relationship. Make sure that you keep them engaged and active. Understand their behavior, and accordingly, it will benefit the business. It is better that generic marketing should be stopped.


    New shoppers are focused on customer insight

    Stuart McMillan, Head of Multi-Channel, Tiso Group

    With this year, the customer perspective of seeing things has changed a lot. Be it clothing or equipment, it is important to have something safe and effective. For the business owner, it is important to choose beneficial products and everything about the product should be mentioned correctly. Depending on the current situation, it becomes important to properly understand the market and what the customers want.


    Online retailers should focus on long-term success

    Hannah Stacey, Brand and Product Marketing Director, Ometria

    The businesses should not focus on short-term survival, but they need to plan for long-term success. In the world of online shopping, you need to make a difference. Most importantly, the way a business builds a relationship with the customer will change your entire business perspective. CRM activity is going to be a huge change for the business, and they need to mobilize to make a change.


    First-party data should be used appropriately

    Sherene Hilal, SVP, Product Marketing & Business Operations, Bluecore

    Nowadays, buyers are specific with what they get. If the brands keep them informed they are going to become your trusted client. They want the business to understand what they bought previously and what should be their next purchase. The brands should tell the customer what purchase will benefit them. So, those who want to stay ahead of everyone should give importance to this part.


    More flexible payment options

    Nikhita Hyett, BlueSnap

    With the sudden boost of online shopping due to pandemics, it is for sure that customers will be benefited from endless options. Customers will get many payment options when they buy and purchase.