9 proven and effective tactics suggested by professionals to build backlinks

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    Backlinks is a link between one website to another through a page. Google and search engines consider the backlinks for specific pages. Website pages with more backlinks will get a higher ranking on the search engine. It is also referred to as:

      • One-way Links
      • Incoming Links
      • Inbound Links

    If you can create awesome and effective backlinks, it is likely to boost your website’s search engine ranking. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into some of the effective building strategies which are suggested by professionals.

    Strategy 1: Make use of data to add links from Blogs and News Website

    To get the source of information you can go to the News Section on Google. Make sure to type for what information you are looking for and it will give you all the latest information or research being done presently or in the past.

    If you find a piece of breaking news or blog regarding your niche then you should use the links and relevant content from it. Here’s what you need to do:

      • Evaluate the news to grab new data which you can mention on the site. For that you need to set up the Google alert.
      • You need to work your way to get added VALUE

    Keep in mind that there would not be any benefit if you write the same about a particular topic. It will result in spam. You need to:

      • Mention a specific quote from the industry and add in the credentials.
      • Mention statistics and facts
      • Mention something different
      • Make customized visuals and infographics to include in the content.

    No matter how you plan to work, you need to be ‘QUICK’ with your actions. It will only be beneficial when you reach out to the people on the same day when the news has broken down.

    Strategy 2: Work on the Skyscraper Method

    Skyscraper content will do wonders to build awesome backlinks. Working on this method is simple and it can be done in just 3 simple steps which includes:

      • Find popular content in your niche. (Popular = High number of backlinks)
      • Modify and make something more effective from it.
      • Promote it as much as you can.

    Find Popular Content

    Your first call needs to be made to Google. This means look for a popular keyword and a page with No. 1 ranking will have a higher number of backlinks. But, how can you check which topics will make it to the top?

      • Ahrefs and other link analysis tools will have the ‘Best by Links’, which tells you which website has the most number of links. So, look for the popular pages on the competitors website and get going.
      • Modify to make something better

    Once you have found the most beneficial page, you need to modify it to make something better than that.

    Few tips to make things better

      • Is the information mentioned in-depth? If they have missed out something then mention that information.
      • Make sure to include the HD quality images and make it appealing.
      • Include video, if not present in that topic.
      • Only 10 tips are present in that page, then you need to have at least 20 in your page.
      • Include the related resources in your website.

    Apart from all these you can include real-life examples, build new tactics which are not present anywhere, and include visual presentations & screenshots to help people understand everything.

    How do I promote the content?

      • Get in touch with people who are present on the competitor’s website.
      • Grab attention to those who have commented on the competitor’s page
      • Reach out to people who have shared your competitor’s page.

    Strategy 3: Work with Moving man Method 2.0

    Do you know you can get quality links from the old content? Make sure that you benefit from the outdated information. No doubt things change and why not make the most of it. You might come across the web pages and then you need to use the outdated information. Here’s what you need to do:

      • Make sure that you reach the website which has the old information.
      • Tell them whether it has changed.
      • Let them reach your page when they are present there.

    Strategy 4: Make benefit of the effective content formats

    You need to create content that will attract effective backlinks and there is no point to stick to the guesswork. Some of the proven content formats which people want to get linked to are:

    • List Posts
    • Quizzes
    • Infographics
    • Videos
    • Why” Posts
    • How to” Posts

    Depending on the industry, you should see what type of content will work the best. So, choose the format accordingly and you can combine 2 or more formats.

    Strategy 5: Podcast Link Building

    On deep research, we got to know many of the backlinks coming from the podcasts. You can use the topics which are in your niche. Appear on as many podcasts as you can and within the coming years, things will change for your business. This is a fact that your website will get some serious traffic which you are looking for and it will generate quality backlinks.

    Strategy 6: Resource Page Link Building

    Do you know, ‘What is the main aim of the resource page?’ It is used to link useful pages to our page. If you can do that, you will hit a jackpot. What you need to do is:

    • Find em’.
    • Make sure you have something beneficial to be linked to.
    • Reach out.

    Here are some of the advanced Google searches which can help you do that with perfection:

      • {your keyword}” + “further reading”
      • {your keyword}” + “recommended reading”
      • {your keyword}” + “recommended websites”
      • {your keyword}” + inurl:links
      • {your keyword}” + “recommended resources”
      • {your keyword}” + “top sites”
      • {your keyword}” + inurl:resources
      • {your keyword}” + “useful sites”
      • {your keyword}” + inurl:recommended
      • {your keyword}” + “top websites”

    Strategy 7: Take benefit from Unlinked brand mentions

    If your brand is mentioned in the article but without the link, then make sure to use this situation to the fullest. For that, you need to reach out. You will be benefited around 90% of the time with this tactic. You will be notified when your business is mentioned anywhere on the web.

    Strategy 8: Name the tactics you are using

    No matter, which tactic you are using you need to give it a name, and here’s how you need to do that:

    • Check which tactic or strategy will work the best for your business
    • Mention something unique for it.
    • Write about the strategy

    You will only be able to get quality backlinks when the strategy is simple, useful and you will be able to prove that it is beneficial. When you are working with something new then make sure to incorporate real-life studies into the content.

    Strategy 9: 2-Step Email Outreach

    Make sure that you make use of the email outreach and then link it off with the web page. Before you plan to launch a new post, it is better to reach the user and then take their permission to send it to them. In most cases, they will say Yes and that will be beneficial to generate quality backlinks.

    So, make sure to use these strategies when you want to create a backlink and make your website go on the top.