Essential Factors of A Landing Page

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    Essential Factors of A Landing Page

    Landing pages are one of the most essential elements of lead generation, but most of the companies do not use it correctly or not at all. Most of the website owners think that the homepage should be given more attention but its average conversion rate is around 1 to 3 percent. Read the guide to learn the importance of landing pages.

    Given below are the topmost factors shared by our experts of website designing company for the landing page:

    • Homepage should never be used as the landing page

    When you get the website designing done from the experts they will make sure the landing page is not the homepage. There is already going too much on the main page so you should make the user get lost. Having a dedicated landing page will help your business to perform better and get conversion leads because you are focusing on one task.

    • Landing page needs to certain elements

    -A headline and sub-headline

    -Description of what is being offered

    -At least one short video

    -The landing page should have a form to gather all the information. Another option is to include a CTA (call-to-action) button to direct the user on the website where to go next.

    -Testimonials, security badges, or customer logos

    • Navigation should be limited

    The main purpose of the landing page is to encourage the visitor to buy the product or service. When the visitor comes on the page, it is important to make sure they stay there until they perform a certain action. If the navigation is lost then they might not understand what to do. To make sure they do not move from the landing page you should remove the navigation from the page.

    • Keep the objective simple and effective

    There is no point in stuffing everything on the landing page. Just keep it simple and effective. Keep the content in proper structure and CTA should be crystal clear so that the visitor can understand what needs to be done.

    • Keep the friction limited

    Friction occurs when there is a missing object on the page and it does not allow the user to perform the action. It might also include adding too much information, the animation is distracting, not able to give proof of security.

    You must make your visitor feel confident with all the information you provide. So, you should keep the page simple.

    • VALUE is very important

    There is no point in creating a land page for the fact sheet or Contact us form. Instead of that use it for the free trial, demonstration, valuable guide or evaluation. By giving the user something valuable will help you to create leads.

    To create enough landing pages for your website you should contact our experts and they will help you with the detailed information you need.