Everything you need to know about Google December 2020 Core Updates

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    Everything you need to know about Google December 2020 Core Updates

    Updations on Google December 2020 Core

    Google has launched the December 2020 board core. The update has been long due and its wait has been since May 2020. This update seems like it is an important part of the true Google broad core update. The update has resulted in different changes in the world of digital marketing. Some companies are getting huge wins and losses with it and it has been just a few days since all this is happening.


    Roll out started in the core updates

    The rollout started at around 1 pm on 3rd December 2020. With the typical update, it is going to take around 1 to 2 weeks for everything to fully roll out. Last year it took around 2 weeks to notice everything.

    Timing The Core Update

    On 4th May, the previous core update was made and before that, it was done on 13th January. Well, it goes on and on. With these changes, the SEO has been improving itself continuously and it was ready for this update since August. So, it means this year we have 3 updates instead of 4 as Google had its share of search bugs. However, it is quite shocking how the update was released before the holidays. Maybe it is done just before the holidays so that everyone has time to understand it better.

    Current changes have surprised everyone

    No doubt, no one expected the update so soon. Many people think that it is done so that the updates can be minimized right before the holidays.

    The update has been released during Cyber week in the times of pandemics. Especially during the holiday time when everyone is looking for ways to survive in this tough time. Google will increase the bottom line so that the SERP shares increase and no concern is put on how many people are going to lose their jobs.

    What SEOs Are Seeing?

    To start with it is super early to conclude. Many people say that the hit which Goggle provided them in May, has not been managed.

    • First signals that the new core update decreased the traffic 2 days just after the announcement and a decline of 30% as compared to last week.
    • After that, it was seen that the traffic got increased but now it has decreased again. Many people were able to see the increase in traffic in the last 2 days but now everything is coming back to normal.

    It is needed to wait for some time to understand what is going to happen next and how everything will improve. The website traffic has been affected greatly and it is going to take weeks to understand the full impact.

    Professionals who decided to go with a content update – improved on-site SEO, fixed the technical issues and left HTTP.

    Professional help is important

    The updations are not able to be easily understood by a layman. If you want your website to have increased sales and have the best marketing tactics then hire professionals always.