Everything you need to know about publishing an app on Google Play

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    Everything you need to know about publishing an app on Google Play

    Steps to publishing an app on Google Play

    Step 1: Make an account of the developer

    The foremost step is to make a developer account if you are planning to publish an app on Google Play. In fact, with google account, developers can sign up easily. You need to pay the fees for one-time & accept all the developer distribution agreements. But remember it will take 48 hours to do the registration properly.


    Step 2: Link Your merchant Account

    If you are thinking of publishing a paid app or planning to sell in-app purchases then it is required to make a merchant account which is also known as a payment center profile. To open a merchant account you need to do a few things that are mentioned below:

    • You need to sign in to your play console.
    • Then download the financial reports.
    • Choose an option of setting up a merchant account now.
    • Fill in the basic information.


    After making a merchant account it will automatically be linked with the developer’s account.

    Step 3: Make an Application

    In step 3, you need to set up your play console and in that, you can add your application. If you want to know how then below are the steps to add the app.

    • Create all applications tab in the menu.
    • Then select create an application.
    • After that, you can select the language.
    • Write the title of your application.
    • At last click on the create option.


    Step 4: Make a store Listing

    You are required to make a store listing before publishing the app. This will help your audience to show all the listing details on Google Play. You can save this step in the draft and continue with the other steps. It will help you in doing the changes in the future. Do not forget to use the appropriate keywords. Make sure you are not going overboard.


    Some of the store listing parts are mentioned below:

    • Graphic Assets
    • Translations and language
    • Contact Details
    • Privacy policy
    • Categorization


    Step 5: to release an app upload APK

    APK is Android Package Kit which is a file format used to operate the android system which helps in distribution and app install. Your APK file should contain all the elements that will help your app to work on the device. Google provides you numerous ways in which you can upload your APK. always remember before uploading APK you should make an app release.


    Step 6: Give the correct content rating

    You should give a rating to your app. If you will not do so then it will show your app is unrated and there are chances that your app will be removed from Google Play. Fill a content rating form full of questions to rate your application.


    Step 7: Distribution and Pricing

    Before coming to this step you should ensure your application’s monetization strategy. After knowing that your application can earn money you can set your app as paid or free. Always remember that you can change your app from paid to free but unable to change free from paid. If you want to do this then you need to make a new app and have to set the pricing of the app.


    Step 8: Publish your Application

    After completing all the steps you are ready to publish your app. Before publishing ensure store listing, pricing, distribution, content rating. After making sure that you have filled in the details properly you should press release management- app releases.