Everything you should know about – Web Designing and the application standards

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    Do you know what W3C is?

    W3C is nothing but the World Wide Web Consortium. In it, the standards of the web coding, technical specifications for building a website and the other web applications are defined. These particularly defined standards are the definition of the open web platform.

    According to the experts of the SEO company, “With these, it becomes extremely easy for the designers and the developers to not only create rich but interactive applications that run in diverse devices.”

    In today’s blog, we are going to have an in-depth look at the coding standards that are accountable for developing the website for the future and the business in general.

    A to Z about Web Designing and the application standards

    HTML & CSS



    HTML which is an acronym for the hypertext markup language is accountable for providing the structure to the website.

    CSS which is an abbreviation of cascading styling sheets provides style and aural visuals to any webpage.

    Have you ever pondered, what does the core of the web pages include? The core of the web pages includes both HTML and CSS.

    These two things are the core of Web designing in Chandigarh

    JavaScript Standards

    One of the brilliant benefits of hiring a digital marketing company in Punjab is that the web designers there have advanced knowledge of not only HTML and CSS, but of javascript as well.

    Javascript is responsible for making the web pages as dynamic as they can be. With this coding language, it becomes easy for the developers to create such programs which are being run when the page is getting loaded.


    If you consider taking the help of W3C, then you will be provided with the guidelines that not only help the web designers to enhance the feel of the idea or to do the best presentation of the data or stats graphically.

    With W3C, it is so easy to govern the visual representation of the ideas.

    It will be quite easy for you to find the guidelines for each kind of graphic including:

    • Photos
    • Maps
    • Diagrams
    • Blueprints
    • Line art


    Being a web designer, you will be held accountable for creating universally applicable web applications.

    This web is designed to make sure each person can obtain the maximum benefit from the procedure irrespective of the following kinds of abilities:

    • Hardware
    • Software
    • Language
    • Culture
    • Location
    • Physical ability
    • Mental ability

    Audio and Video

    One of the predominant things based on which the user experience can be triggered are:

    • Moving Picture
    • Sounds
    • Music


    If you are overlooking the interests, likes and dislikes of the people which are either culturally or religiously different from you, then you will only be creating web technologies that are associated with any kinds of feelings. Web technologies can’ gain popularity until and unless people are connecting with it with the help of feelings.

    Final Comments!

    Please share your thoughts on whether you are agreeing with what we have intended to say. If not, then please share your contrary views, so that we can publish that in our next blog.