Exploding Traffic Online From Mobile Devices (2024 Analysis)

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    Exploding Traffic Online From Mobile Devices (2024 Analysis)

    Heads glued to mobile screens are no longer a rare sighting. Bus stands, trains, grocery stores and even in your home, everyone is busy doing something on their phones. There are many people who make a lot of money online by spending hours on the internet. Businesses can benefit from this customer behaviour by providing services tailored to their needs. Want to know the strategies for skyrocketing your business growth online, connect with experts of digital marketing companies in Punjab. 

    Stats About Mobile Devices Internet Usage

    > 60% of the internet traffic comes from the Mobile Devices

    > More than 92% users access internet by using their mobiles

    > There are about 7.41 Billion online internet users worldwide.

    > According to reports Africa holds the first proportion in generating internet traffic online from mobile devices. India holds the 2nd position. 

    > There would be more than 1 Billion 5G connections projected worldwide by 2025. 


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    What Percentage of Internet Traffic Comes from the Mobile 

    According to the reports, more than 61% of online traffic comes from mobile devices. This percentage in 2011 and 2015 was 6.1% and 37.2% respectively. 


    Rise of Mobile Usage

    Smartphones have become the most important device in everyone’s life. There are many utilities and drawbacks. However, research and the immense growth of smartphone-making companies indicate that worldwide, people are increasingly dependent on smartphone usage. 


    *Fact:- More than 60% of people use smartphones in their daily lives. 


    Increased Numbers of Internet Users Online 

    Without the Internet, smartphones are not interesting. No one finds a smartphone engaging and more useful than just a calling device. The Internet unleashes the power and makes it accessible to do tasks just sitting at your home. Like ordering food, shopping, booking a cab, booking hotel train and aeroplane tickets, and more. 

    Why People Choose Mobile over Desktop

    Mobile/Smartphones are considered to be useful for more than 50% of internet consumption online. Mobile phones are the preferred means of doing tasks and watching videos among people. 


    Rise of E-commerce Trends 

    Thousands of businesses have shifted their businesses to online platforms. Offline store purchases are approximately over by now! Not all but every offline shop or any type of business owner is trying to be adaptive in the fast-paced landscape of the internet world. 

    Ease and accessibility of shopping are other reasons for people to use mobile and the internet. 


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    Popular Online Countries Using E-commerce

    Following is the list of countries whose population hold a major share in using E – commerce. 


    Rank Country RegionShare of Online Population 
    1Indonesia Asia79%
    3Philippines Asia69%
    5Saudi Arabia Asia65%
    7Taiwan Asia63%
    9South KoreaAsia59.9%


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    This data shows the rise of mobile and mobile internet users. This is the era of development and rising demands of online business among online mobile users. If you want to shift your offline business to online then connect with expert developers of website development company in Punjab.