5 Critical factors which are must to consider to make the website rank high

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    Why is it always needed to consider ranking on google?

    As we all know, among all the other search engines like bing and yahoo, google has dominated them all by winning the trust of the people. 70% of the Internet users use google for any search-oriented work.

    When it is about making your website rank on the top, then only a good digital marketing company in Punjab knows how to make a particular website rank high on this most popular search engine. If you are also thinking of approaching any kind of SEO company to make your website greatly optimised, then choose the right one. If you want some suggestions, then how about hiring fly media technology which is the best website development company in Ludhiana.

    Astonishing knowledge

    There are over 200 factors that are highly responsible for making a website rank on google.

    The SEO executives of this company take all the below-mentioned factors into account to make the particular website rank high.

    A Great Content

    As we all know “ Content is the king”. We cannot expect our website to rank high if we have done no efforts to make the content seem appealing and informative to the reader. By high-quality content, we do not mean the one, which is very well framed and does not have any grammatical issues. Rather we mean the one which is full of graphics and videos.

    Also when it is about content creation, then the content writers must create something unique, fresh and extremely helpful for the users. When your content comes out to be effective, then there are high chances that Google will try to make it rank higher by enlisting on the SERP.


    As we all know that the web pages which do not have any backlinks do never encounter the backlinks. These are an important part of Google’s ranking algorithm.

    Backlinks are like the pivot-of-confidence as far as your website is concerned. With the collection of all such votes, google determines whether your website should rank in the top 10 results.

    Search Intent

    The topmost preponderant factor which google never skips paying attention to and that is the search intent. By search intent, we mean to provide the reader with something which he is looking for.

    For example: If you are publishing the content for those users who want to know about the Indian recipes, then before writing the content you should, first of all, consider publishing only tha[t content which the reader will be looking for.

    Website Loading Speed

    80% of internet users tend to lose fat on a particular website if it is quintessentially high time to load.

    Mobile Friendliness

    As we all know, we only use the systems or the laptops when it is about the accomplishment of some official work. But for our personal uses, we find the bruising through the mobiles as effective as it can be.

    Bottom Line

    The above-mentioned factors are responsible for making your website rank in the top 10 ten list. If you want to know about more such factors, then please let us know. We try to publish our forthcoming blogs on this topic.