Features of a Good Web Hosting for SEO

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    An SEO professional has a lot of things to look into. He has to ensure that the website has all the essential features: great content, user-friendly sitemap, useful links, and text files. As an integral part of an SEO company, we have to make sure that our client website sits at the top of other websites. For that, there should be website development with the current trends in mind. So here we go to guide you about the features of a good web hosting for SEO-

    1. High Uptime Guarantee

    Uptime refers to the amount of time your site can be accessible and available online. The higher your uptime, the higher will be your rankings. Therefore, your host’s uptime guarantee is the most significant factor in determining its SEO-friendliness. So ensure that you opt for reliable hosts with a higher uptime guarantee.

    For best results, choose a host with at least a 99.9 per cent uptime guarantee. However, steer clear of hosts that claim 100 per cent uptime as it is impossible to achieve.

    1. Server Location

    Your server location dictates how quickly the website is accessible to surfers. Being on a shared, VPS, or dedicated server, your site will be on a physical server in a nearby data center somewhere. If you opt for cloud hosting, your data will be stored in a cloud. Ideally, your data center should be located close to the site visitors. With more distance will come the possibility of your website taking longer to load.

    You should opt for a fast server so that the performance is optimum.

    1. Multiple Options

    Look for the extra options that the hosting companies are offering to boost traffic to your site. Some SEO-friendly options include:

    Automatic backups: With this option, you will have the facility of an automatic back up If something goes wrong with it. It means that the website will be quickly restored in case there is a problem with the website. Ask your host if it offers automatic backups and whether it is free or at a cost.

    Secure site: opt for a secure site by ensuring that your host supports SSL. With that, you will have a secure website which is indicated by https in your website link. No one wants to surf across insecure websites. Ask if you can get a free facility regarding this aspect with your host.

    Multiple hosting plans: Hopefully, our website will grow by leaps and bounds and in that case, the hosting needs of your website will change. Switching hosting providers will neither be beneficial nor cheap. So consider switching to your dedicated server if the website traffic increases.

    Now sit back and enjoy the fruits of your online success.