Features of a User Friendly Website

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    Features of a User Friendly Website

    The website developers were not aware of the phrase user-friendly for a long time. If the website is not made properly then it means it won’t meet user expectations. It is important the website should give the user what they are looking for. In this topic we have shared the features of a user-friendly website.

    Considering the User while Designing

    When you build a website it is important that the user feels like they stay on your website and it should encourage them to come back. Now, the user-friendly is a requirement which needs to be included. Every page must be set appropriately so that the user does not have face any issue.

    Tips while Designing the user-friendly website


    • The website should be Responsive


    Users should easily navigate on your website, it does not matter from what device they are viewing it. The navigation should be easy to find and on any device, it should be used. You should take the help of the best website developer for the website development Ludhiana so that everything is done properly.


    • Navigation should be simple


    In web design and development, simplicity is very important. The users are always looking for simple things. It is an ideal way to make sure the page is appropriate and sub navigation should be minimum.


    • The logo should be easy to find


    Never let your user hunt for the logo. Your logo must in the top left corner of the website. This way your brand identity will be easily visible to the user. The logo should be clickable. From any page on the site, if the user wants to go back to the home page, it should be possible. To make sure everything is done properly take the help of the experts for website designing in Ludhiana.


    • Your site should be easy to search


    In some cases, the user is not able to find what they want. If that is the case, they will leave the sire right away and search the site which has easier navigation. This feature is simple but should not be neglected.


    • Along with text add Media


    In today’s world user want to read less and they get attracted to visual components. But there should be a right balance between text and images. Make sure that you use the images which enhance the text and use more real images.


    • Add clear Call to Actions


    You should encourage or remind the business of what should be done on a specific page. On every page, you should make visitors a clear call to actions like:

    – Download Us

    – Contact Us

    – Get a Quote

    – Click Here to Order

    – Learn more about “Topic name”

    If you are facing any problem then you should take the help of the experts to get the website made in the right manner.