Boosting Business Growth Of A Technology Company In Australia: A Fly Media Technology Case Study

Technology Company In Australia

Location: Australia

Business Background

They are one of the best technological service providers in major cities of Australia, such as Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, and Perth. They provide all kinds of repair services, such as laptop, mobile, and computer repair. In addition, they also provide data recovery services.

Market Competitor

Their competitor is other technology companies that offer repair and data recovery services and have a well-established website with many backlinks.

Project Goal

The company wanted to develop a website and increase its visibility through SEO services. Increase social media engagement and drive more loyal customers through PPC and Google Ads. They wanted high-quality graphics to increase organic reach, rank multiple keywords, increase reach and leads and create original, error-free and plagiarism-free content for web pages.



Dynamic, high-quality and responsive website development.


Increase the ranking of multiple keywords.


Increase social media engagement and reach using high-quality graphics.


Run PPC and Google Ads campaigns.


Original persuasive content creation for web pages.


SEO strategies to increase leads, sales and organic reach.


After six months of the project, the results were:

Responsive website development with easy to use interface and user-friendly experience. Social media reach and engagement significantly increased. High-quality graphics helped increase reach. Multiple keywords achieved the highest ranking. SEO strategies, PPC and Google Ads campaigns helped increase organic reach, sales, and leads. The client’s return on investment escalated significantly. 


Average goal completion


increase on-site conversions


Organic Sessions

92 keywords

in the Top 10

Learnings: Our major learnings from the project are:


Websites are crucial for business growth, and original content helps increase their ranking.


PPC and Google Campaigns provide a high return on investment. 


Effective social media marketing can attract many potential clients and help in lead generation.


SEO helps increase ranking, reach and website visibility. Also, it offers long-term results if you work on it consistently. 

Fly Media Technology Case Study For Technology Company Based in Australia