Flymedia Technology: Professional tips to fix the landing page bounce rate

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    Being a website owner different things have to be kept in mind. But, it is difficult to understand the technical terms when you are not familiar with the entire aspect. In this case, the Digital Marketing Company in Punjab like Flymedia Technology provides the best of information to the clients to ensure their website is working properly and it has the best functionality. Our team of Website Designing in Ludhiana have handled countless projects and learned from their mistakes to give the client the best results. In this blog, the professional team of our SEO company has shared some key factors on what is the reason for the landing page bounce rate and how to fix it.

    Reasons behind the high landing page bounce rate

    Reason 1: Not being aligned in the way what user wants

    The major reason behind the bounce rate is that the user did not get what they are looking for. The text is misaligned be it the ad or link. The users were looking for the best new electric cars but the page showed the cars on sale. It means that your page is not able to show what they expected and they will go away. So, make sure everything is well-aligned be it color, style, design, text, or other information.

    Reason 2: User need to put too much time

    If you are asking the user to do this or that, then they will get frustrated and leave the website which increases the bounce rate. If you ask them to provide different types of information then they might not stay on the website.

    From your end, you must gain their trust and present all sorts of information in the most presentable manner, without bothering the user too much.

    Reason 3: The landing page is not properly designed

    Now! Just imagine if the landing page is not well-designed then how the user is going to stay on the website or what will influence them. Make sure visually it is appealing, easy to navigate. This way, your website will be more credible and the user will be at ease to put your trust in you.

    Reason 4: Chaos, confusion, and a lot of crowds

    In case the landing page seems to be overcrowded then everything will not be that much clear and it will be a confusing state for the other person to find what exactly they need.

    It’s better that you keep only that much information which is relevant and according to your website. When you can convey the message correctly it will be much easier for the user to put their trust in your website.

    Reason 5: Page speed is way slower than normal

    Another factor is the page speed. It means your page is taking way too much time to load which means the user needs to spend unnecessary time on finding the exact information. Therefore, you must keep a check on your page speed by all means and if it seems to be increasing then you need to improve it. Here are some of how it can be improved:

    • Files compression
    • Use the browser cache
    • Upgrade the server
    • Take away the unnecessary code
    • Redirects need to be reduced

    Reason 6: Bringing unwanted traffic to the website

    In case the website traffic is of unwanted users then it is possible that the conversion is not done. It means that the keyword choice is not right or you are not targeting the users who actually should be. To fix this problem, you need to keep the marketing methods to the point. So, ensure that on your end you are doing enough research and then choosing the best, which makes the bounce rate better.