Fonts That Are Dominating Website Designing This Year 2016

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    A Perfect website design is a collaboration of various elements that are if placed in the correct places works better to give better impression and fonts are the main part of that process.

    Using same fonts in the website’s each page makes it boring, there are a lot of new and unique fonts that are conventional. We should not every time go for what is free sometimes investing in something proves good for the business and will pay off in some way.

    Here are some of the best fonts that are being used in website designing in year 2016 :

    1. Glober :

    Developed by Fontfabric, inspired by Grotesque this font costs $179 but is worth.

    2. Ciao Bella:

    designed by Charles Gibbons and Cindy Kinash, these fonts appear just like they are hand written and perfect to be used for advertising priced at $69.

    3. Montserrat

    It was adopted under the free and open source license of the SIL Open Font License. So it is free to be used.

    4. Slim Tony

    Slim Tony should be the best choice if you are creating custom headlines and logos for your website.

    5. LATO

    designed by designer Łukasz Dziedzic (“Lato” means “Sum­mer” in Pol­ish)