Google Business Profile And Facebook Business Profile Features

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    Are you searching for some organic way to increase the web traffic to your website? If yes, then this 5-minute read is perfect for you.

    Google Business Profile and Facebook Business Page are the two tools that you can use to help you manage the business’s online presence. It is a great initiative to ensure a better development of the brand.

    Both these tools are beneficial for the consumers to get and learn details about your business with the help of a website development company in Ludhiana. This step automatically increases the traffic to your website and closes business.

    But which one should you choose for your business growth?

    Well, the dilemma is strong, but the only way you can solve this is by gathering as much information about these tools to compare them and their features and make a selection wisely.

    Let us now delve into the common and unique features of Google Business Profile and Facebook Business Profile.

     Common Features Of Google Business Profile And Facebook Business Profile

    No matter what you choose, both your google business profile and Facebook business profile are here to make it uncomplicated for the users to search for your business details through an online portal. The facilities that both the platforms provide with the help of a website designing in Punjab company are:

    • It gives contact information to the customer, such as email address, phone number, and also location.
    • It also gives the customer access to the location for easy reach.
    • Apart from that, both platforms provide pictures of the service or the products on the site for the customers.
    • The users will also get to read and see the reviews and the star ratings of the previous customers.
    • It provides advertisements and promotions too.
    • These platforms make interacting between the customer and the business easier via online chat.
    • It offers insights and data analytics. 

    Unique Features Of Google Business Profile And Facebook Business Profile

    Let us now move towards the unique features of google’s business profile and Facebook business profile. 

    Google Business Profile

    1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    You can deny that the internet, or Google, to be precise, has become your go-to searching platform whenever you have some question in your mind or a product or service that you want to search for. With the help of SEO, Google has become an essential part of the local businesses.

    1. Places near me

    The consumer can easily find the location of your business with the help of google if you have a Google business profile. If you do not have any google business profile set up, it can turn out to be a little challenging for the consumer to find your location. 

    Facebook business profile

    1. Billions of users

    With the help of Facebook business, you will get a large number of followers.

    1. Pages like

    You can request your Facebook followers to like your post to increase your reach as much as possible. This ultimately increases the followers and interaction and helps you expand your business.